Inc. Magazine: How BurnAlong Is Pioneering A New Approach To Wellness (That Actually Sticks)

We don’t want to be with you for one piece of your life’s journey,” Kott says. “We want to be with you across your life’s journey… We evolve with you over time… providing that programming, social support, [and] guidance so that people can lead their best lives.

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Fast Company

Fast Company: Employers are reconsidering workplace benefits for newly remote workers

“The biggest change we’re seeing with COVID is this understanding that no employee operates in isolation,” says Daniel Freedman, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BurnAlong, a digital corporate wellness platform. “That’s the biggest shift that we’ve seen; families are central.”

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HR Morning: 9 ways to make remote employees feel connected

Some companies have extended benefits that traditionally kept employees connected on-site to involve families at home. For instance, BurnAlong offers group and one-on-one fitness and wellness classes employees and their family members can tap into from home.

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Employee Benefit News: Virtual Summer Camp Benefit Aims to Ease Parents’ COVID-19 Stress

BurnAlong, a corporate wellness platform provider, has launched a virtual summer camp benefit for employer clients to help employees keep their children active while continuing to work from home due to the coronavirus. “We know there is a correlation between employee happiness and productivity,” says BurnAlong co-CEO Daniel Freedman. “A big piece of getting employees to stay [with an organization] is making them feel looked after, appreciated, and met where they are [in life].”

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Employee Benefit News: Best Tools to Support Your Remote Workforce

BurnAlong is an online video health and wellness platform where employees can take classes from a network of hundreds of instructors across 45 categories ranging from cardio and yoga to stress, chronic conditions and diabetes. They can take classes alone, or invite friends and colleagues to join them live online for social motivation.

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Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins: Innovation & Entrepreneurship During the COVID-19 Pandemic

BurnAlong, an app used by employers to set up employee wellness programs and by gyms and fitness instructors to record and live-stream classes for clients. Whereas it typically took a week to set up a new client, the company has managed to clients onto its platform in one day to meet demand. I think it is telling that more than a quarter of all classes taken are in BurnAlong’s specialty and emotional support categories, which includes mental health.

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Washington Business Journal

Washington Business Journal: Md. health tech startup raises $4M to expand virtual corporate wellness benefit

Maryland health tech startup BurnAlong Inc. is still offering its corporate wellness benefit despite the nationwide shift to remote work – and it just raised $4 million to keep it up.

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Technically BurnAlong raises $4M, plans hiring with business ‘accelerating’

The Pikesville-based company is seeing increased interest in streaming health and wellness classes during the pandemic, and is signing on some notable Baltimore names.

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Los Angeles Times

LA Times: Gyms are closing over coronavirus. But you may find your next workout online

We can get some of them online and streaming classes within three hours,” [Freedman] said. Freedman said his company aimed to satisfy “the social motivation of group fitness based in the home. It’s that social experience that will hopefully prevent people from feeling depressed and isolated by these restrictions.”

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CBS Local

CBS Local: Coronavirus Outbreak Caused Explosion Of On-Demand Exercise Classes — And It May Stay That Way For Good

“When we ask people what they love most about BurnAlong that’s keeping them so engaged, they say it’s the range of programming – classes for the whole family – and critically the social component, of being able to take classes live online in private sessions with friends, family members, co-workers you see,” said Freedman. “People are craving social support now more than ever.”

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CNN: The epidemic seniors in America were already facing

[BurnAlong] offers exercise classes with a split screen so seniors and remote family members can take classes together.

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Johns Hopkins Technology

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures: How Some Johns Hopkins Startups Are Adapting, Responding to COVID-19

BurnAlong is used by companies across the country that have locations around the world. The startup primarily works with two groups, says Locker: corporations, municipalities, universities and hospitals that want to set up wellness programs for employees; and local gyms and fitness instructors who use the online platform to record on-demand and live-streamed classes and workouts for clients.

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On TV: Announcing America’s Fittest Company Challenge

Co-CEO Daniel Freedman joins host Patrice Sanders on set to discuss BurnAlong’s upcoming America’s Fittest Company Challenge!

“It’s about creating a vibrant and inclusive culture,” said Daniel. And it’s really easy to start: “It’s takes minutes for companies to get set up, and within seconds employees can be participating.”

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NBC: Workout with anyone, anywhere with BurnAlong

Leslie Crawford is among the 20% of people who stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. She lost 18 pounds, by connecting with her favorite trainer and friends both in person, and online through BurnAlong.

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Business Insider: Former President of IKEA and Top Investor Join BurnAlong Board

“I am inspired by BurnAlong’s commitment to creating a healthy life for the many people and not just the few. BurnAlong meets people wherever they are, and is relentless in finding accessible solutions for people who struggle,” said Ms. Lopez.

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Fox45: CycleNation Presented by AHA & BurnAlong

BurnAlong is a proud Life Is Why We Give supporter, and we are excited to announce our partnership with the American Heart Association - Maryland in hosting this year's Cycle Nation! Participants can join live on September 15th at Core Cycle Studios, or virtually on BurnAlong!


Forbes: How The Corporate Wellness Market Has Exploded: Meet The Latest Innovators In The Space

"Freedman, like many founders in the wellbeing sector got into the space after witnessing "Family members and close friends who have really struggled with major health challenges, and who often didn’t receive the right programming and motivation to overcome those." He firmly believes that "A major responsibility to help lies with employers who are largely responsible for their health insurance and the programming they do or don’t receive."

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Washington Business Journal

Washington Business Journal: Maryland Startup Raising Millions to Facilitate Wellness at Work

As part of this expansion, the company is working with doctors and wellness professionals to take a different approach to online fitness, Freedman said. That medical element means working with doctors to recommend programming to their patients. Facilitating wellness at work is important for companies, Freedman said, because health care costs often come from people who have chronic conditions and require medication, surgery or other medical attention. When employees take sick days, it's both a drain on performance and a stressor for them. BurnAlong, he said, aims to reduce medical costs and provide companies a wellness strategy to keep its staff healthy and in the office — and to attract talent.

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The wall street journal

iHeartRadio: CEO's You Should Know

"Our mission is to help people who are struggling to achieve their health and wellness goals"

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Baltimore Business Journal: Fitness tech firm BurnAlong raises $1.5 million, moves to Pikesville

"BurnAlong CEO Daniel Freedman said the fresh round of funding will be used to bolster the company's sales team, as it looks to grow its customer base and network of partners. The company primarily works with employers — ranging in size from under 500 employees, to tens of thousands of employees — looking for ways to keep employees active and healthy, and help keep company insurance costs down"

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Technically BurnAlong raises $1.5M, moves to new offices in Pikesville

The startup is looking to offer its streaming health and fitness classes to organizations for use by employees.

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On TV: Live on Cheddar!

Check out CEO Daniel Freedman appearing live on Cheddar to discuss how BurnAlong is revolutionizing corporate wellness, leading to increased employee retention and happiness in the workplace!

Technically Here are this year's 20 most promising start-ups in Baltimore: realList 2019

The annual roundup identifies the startups that have already made moves to gain early traction.

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On TV: How BurnAlong is Helping Companies Improve the Lives of Their Employees

BurnAlong Co-CEO Daniel Freedman sits down to talk motivation, entrepreneurship, and health & wellness with Jeanne Yurman on Business Rockstars! Tune in to hear how BurnAlong is working with companies to help their employees live healthier lives.


BurnAlong on TV: What Companies, Universities, and Hospitals Use to Help People Achieve Their Wellness Goals

Co-CEO Daniel Freedman joins MPT News to discuss BurnAlong as a featured Startup Spotlight. "It doesn't matter it you work long hours or at 5 o'clock want to have dinner with your family, you can still now access the programming and motivation that's going to help you achieve your goals. Employers who come to BurnAlong range from companies with less than 50 employees to companies with more than 100,000 employees"


Johns Hopkins Medicine: Preventing Physician Burnout

By helping to prevent burnout, maintaining your fitness is a gift to yourself and your practice. Use tools like BurnAlong to look after your health and wellness.

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The wall street journal

Should You Wear Multiple Fitness Brands at the Same Time?

"There's a tendency for brand loyalty, but it's not universal," says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of fitness startup BurnAlong. "It depends on the engagement of the gym-goer. People put on personas when they work out, and their uniform parallels that."

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Study Finds: Social Support, In-Person or Virtual, is Key to Sustained Behavior Change

"Forget the carrot or the stick," Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder of BurnAlong writes. "It’s the audience cheering you on that’s most important for initiating and sustaining behavior change. Those are among the findings from an analysis by professors from the University of Pennsylvania. There are valuable lessons from this for employers designing employee wellness programs, as well as anyone trying to improve their health."

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Studio Spotlight: BurnAlong

"We are so excited to highlight BurnAlong for our June Studio Spotlight. BurnAlong is a streaming service that’s available everywhere you stream, with access to over 800 classes across 25 categories. You can also stream with friends anywhere in the world. Best part? They’re giving HBFIT newsletter subscribers a sweet deal."

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American Diabetes Association Supports BurnAlong’s Fittest Companies Challenge

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has joined forces with BurnAlong, the online video fitness and wellness platform, to challenge Baltimore-based companies to have the healthiest employees across the city (joining a national competition taking place in cities across the country).

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The You-est You Podcasts: Creating Connection Around the World through Fitness with Daniel Freedman

"You will be blown away by Daniel’s positive mindset and background in the intelligence community, government, journalism world and now as the co-founder of BurnAlong. Daniel Freedman co-founded BurnAlong, the transformative fitness and wellness platform.

Listen to the podcast.