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The Burnalong Difference

What Our Clients Are Saying


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Wellness Guru Albert Garcia

Albert Garcia, a Wellness Guru for the City of Pittsburgh, speaks about the value he has seen from using the BurnAlong Wellness Platform for City of Pittsburgh Employees.

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Cassandra Howe

BurnAlong Client

"Employees are already feeling happy and engaged. From inviting family members to work out with them, to spreading the word like wildfire! It's a true win-win."

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Lili Rojas

BurnAlong Client

With BurnAlong we’re boosting participation – thanks to the amazing variety of classes, from fitness to nutrition to health coaching – for all ages and levels. And we’re seeing the results in the great engagement numbers, feedback, and sweaty smiles!"

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Juanita Martin

BurnAlong Client

Amazing and the energy... is infectious. They have done an astounding job and our employees are super excited about the program. We love it and I’m very pleased with the ease of the program and the overall implementation."

Client Case Studies


Wellness Program Launched Across 100s of Locations

Montgomery County government saw short and long term success with BurnAlong. They are experiencing engagement at 5x the industry average for benchmark clients and have uploaded their own videos to the platform.

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Gym Members & Instructors Move to BurnAlong in Hours

A gym with more than 100 instructors wanted to stay connected to their 10,000+ members while they weren’t able to come to classes in person. They partnered with BurnAlong to provide additional content for their members, deliver live-streamed classes from their instructors, and stay connected.

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What Our Users Are Saying

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Burnalong User Stories

Burnalong works with leading insurers, municipalities, corporations, and more to provide holistic and inclusive wellness programming for people of all ages, interests, and levels.

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Dr. Peter Beilenson

Baltimore City Health Commissioner

On days I don't feel like going to my gym, Burnalong is a great alternative--and most of the classes can easily be done in an area of 4 x 6 feet.

While I was quite athletic in my younger years, I developed Parkinson's Disease 15 years ago at age 47. I searched far and wide for years for a way to get a good exercise regimen.

Aside from Rock Steady Boxing, I couldn't find anything until Burnalong came along with its extremely robust exercise options, including boxing. Although I am able to pursue exercising with Burnalong's regular programs, Burnalong actually has specific options for those with Parkinson's--as well as diabetes and other conditions.

Burnalong certainly meets my needs!

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BurnAlong User

“About four years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.. I went from a size 10 all the way to a size 20, and lost every ounce of my self-esteem. After a few weeks of BurnAlong, I’ve lost 12 pounds and I’m now a size 16.. The amazing choice of instructors, with all the new classes every week, literally keep me on my toes and inspired. My co-workers are commenting how I look better every week! I’m telling them to join BurnAlong too!”

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Katie Birkenstein

BurnAlong User

I’ve struggled for years to find the motivation to get back into a fitness routine, this time at home instead of at a gym. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried something new, only to quit after 2-3 weeks. When I found BurnAlong through my health insurance company, I figured it was worth a shot. I went from using 3 lb hand weights and not being able to do a single push-up, to using 7 lb weights and doing 12 pushups! Plus, I have now created a new habit. I’ve finally found an instructor I can stick with, and BurnAlong makes that possible. I love the flexibility of the app and the class variety is amazing! I would (and have) recommend BurnAlong to anyone looking for a home workout option. BurnAlong is like a magical fitness matchmaker.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a hospital to introduce the staff to their newest health and wellness benefit, Burnalong. One interaction with a nurse I met reminded me of exactly why I am so passionate about the work we do here at BurnAlong.

After chatting with a group of nurses and helping each of them set-up their Burnalong accounts on their phones, one of the nurses pulled me aside for a private conversation. At first, I assumed that she simply needed a little extra help setting up her account. However, when I looked from her phone to her face I could see the tears welling up in her eyes and she explained that she and her family had made the decision to become healthier this summer. Recently, though, she was finding it difficult to keep everyone on the same page with her son off at college and her husband working odd hours. The nurse explained it was so important that her family followed through with this goal that she had begun to pray for a solution. She told me that she was so busy with work that morning, she almost forgot about my meeting with the staff. As the tears rolled down her face, she genuinely thanked me and said “This is the solution I have been praying for!”

Walking away, I couldn’t help but feel the power of the connection I made with this young lady. Knowing we could provide a solution to a family that was trying to be healthier together reminded me why I am so passionate about the work we do at Burnalong.

- Ricky Persad

Senior Director of Partnerships & Relationship Marketing at Burnalong


What Our Partners Are Saying

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Burnalong Instructor Stories

Hear how one BurnAlong instructor has found success through online training and her advice to other health and wellness instructors.

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Kelly Mase

BurnAlong Partner

Burnalong is awesome! It gives me the opportunity to share my passion, connect with and help others across the entire country, not just in my area! I enjoy interacting with my clients after they complete a workout with me and hearing about which workouts they love and love to hate! Burnalong is easy to use and is a blessing in my life!

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Monte Sanders

BurnAlong Partner

My clients' schedules vary so much, there’s no way that I could maximize my impact on them by in-person classes alone. BurnAlong provided a solution to my problem, but more importantly it is essential to have at this moment in history. As I look toward the future (post pandemic and the next pandemic), it’s vital that BurnAlong is a part of that future for my Business.

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Shay Hill

BurnAlong Partner

My overall experience with BurnAlong these past 2 years has been great! Blessed to work with a company that promotes Instructors from all over the U.S... BurnAlong is a blessing especially when students can't make it to our class they can do our workouts from home which is fantastic! Truly honored to be apart of the Burnalong family!


Burnalong has been special for me, especially the last two months. I've been quiet about what’s been going on…but I’m inspired to help other people.

I started teaching only online when COVID started, on YouTube and Zoom, but wasn’t get paid for my classes. When I saw the potential and opportunity to earn on Burnalong I started dedicating time to make content for my Burnalong account…. Then, I had a HUGE plot twist that really shook my world.

In June, my 4-year-old son was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a childhood cancer. We caught this monster early, it’s a small, localized tumor and we know HE WILL BEAT THIS! My world stopped—it’s still stopped—he’s 8 weeks into a 43-week treatment plan to beat this! He’s crushing it and tolerating it wonderfully.

What Burnalong has done for me is it has provided me an opportunity to earn extra money while taking care of my son and family. Also, it’s been great for me mentally to post more content and see everyone’s positive reviews—a little mental escape, if you will. I love helping people have fun with fitness. I know how important it is for overall health. In addition, this last pay out was extra special because we spent 6 weeks away from home getting his proton radiation and the extra money earned came in handy for doctor bills, and for buying my superhero children extra special goodies.

I do see a bright future for my son and myself on Burnalong. With mommy and me workouts, and when my son gets finished with all his treatments, I am going to educate myself on fitness for cancer patients. I know Burnalong has a special subcategory for that. Thank you for all my followers and participants for brightening my day and overflowing my page with positivity. Thank you, Burnalong, for giving me the opportunity to earn extra money while my focus is caring for and curing my son. HE WILL BEAT THIS!”

-Melanie DiTinno

Burnalong Partner (and Amazing Mom)


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