Kickstart Your fall and back to school corporate wellness program: join the challenge

America’s Healthiest Company Challenge

Join companies across the country for a friendly competition to see which company can claim the healthiest company title. The beauty (as past participants testify) is that everyone ultimately wins just by participating and focusing on health and wellness.

  • It’s not just fitness. Classes include nutrition, stress, mindfulness, sleep, parenting, and even workouts you can do with your pets; and are geared for all ages and levels.
  • Employees can take classes at home (alone, with family members, or with friends/co-workers in live private sessions)
  • Employees can also take classes together in recreation centers, lunchrooms, conference rooms, or at home on their own or live with people they invite.

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BurnAlong helps you create healthy habits for your employees.

Offer your employees and their families hundreds of exercise, wellness, and nutrition classes taught by the best fitness instructors and health educators.

Unlimited Access

Choose from 100s of instructors across 30+ categories. Classes include cardio, barre, bootcamp, pilates, yoga, strength training, self-defense, cycling, restorative, prenatal, nutritional, financial wellness, and mental health.

Increase Engagement

Happier and healthier employees are more productive; leading to better business results. Increase engagement by investing in your employees’ overall well-being by offering unlimited access to online exercise and wellness classes.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Give your employees the tools and resources to live happier, fuller lives. With unlimited access to physical, financial, and mental health classes, you can proactively invest in the future of your workforce while driving down cost.


Questions? Email us at com@burnalong.com