Co-Founder Daniel Freedman represented BurnAlong at the White House yesterday for the Obama’s administration’s final tech summit, focused on Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow. The summit was kicked off by Chief Technology Officer of the USA, Megan Smith. She began with a powerful quote from President Theodore Roosevelt: “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
The White House event brought together more than 100 talented technologists, innovators, and community leaders. The purpose was to celebrate the success of TechHire to date, share best practices from some of the TechHire cities, and plan for the future of TechHire including the 2017 TechHire + TechUp roadshow.
United States Chief Technology Officer, Megan Smith, speaking, and below with Daniel.
TechUP will be working on a 50-city roadshow to highlight what’s working across the country on tech training challenges. Due to interest across the country, the roadshow has nearly doubled in size from the original commitment.
“It was terrific meeting so many talented and forward-thinking leaders. We were proud to share ideas and learn from the great work being done across the country,” said Daniel. “We very much look forward to the future of this initiative.” Daniel also serves on the Workforce Board of Baltimore County.

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