CBS2’s Andrea Grymes reported on a fascinating newly-released study that claims weekend workouts lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer about as much as exercising three times a week or more.
Celebrity fitness instructor Nicole Glor joined Andrea to give viewers advice on how to become a successful weekend warrior.

Her 5 top tips:

1. Do Two-A-Days (Working out twice a day to boost your productivity)
2. Cross-Train (Mix up your routine to get a full-body workout)
3. Work out while you travel (Use a platform like ours to workout with your favorite instructors and live with your friends wherever you and they are)
4. Find fitness events (Races and other charity events)
5. Train during the week (Doing some physical activity every day will help you stay on track)
Watch the full segment here on CBS, and below is a clip:

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