Introducing BurnAlong Facial Metrics

Monitor vital signs with your smartphone camera

Now you can measure your heart rate using your phone’s camera! Facial Metrics is a brand new feature that lets anyone with a smartphone measure heart rate, oxygen levels, and respiratory rate – no wearable needed.

You can measure your heart rate before and after exercising to help optimize your workout and stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

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No Wearable Device Needed

Only 20% of people in the US have a wearable fitness tracker according to Gallup (Source). And even fewer people wear their device. Less than 10% of people of the age of 55 are using wearables.

We’re helping the other 80% of the country that doesn’t have access to this information.

Now users of all ages and fitness levels can measure their heart rate with the BurnAlong mobile app.

Measuring heart rate and other health metrics helps you to better understand your health, optimize your workouts, and reach fitness goals. Facial Metrics measures heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate. And more metrics will be released in the future.

5 ways you can use Facial Metrics

While on the BurnAlong mobile app, you can take a Facial Metrics scan at any time. Measure your heart rate before a class starts and after it ends.

Monitor Your Resting Heart Rate

Open the BurnAlong app during the day and measure your heart rate to help track trends and patterns in your health.

Feeling Stressed and Want to Lower Your Heart Rate?

Are you feeling stressed and want to lower your heart rate? Take a meditation or mindfulness class like Julie Reisler’s Short Energy Boost Meditation.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Want to optimize your workout? Measure your heart rate, oxygen levels, and respiratory rate before and after your physical activity.

Use the Facial Metrics feature on your front facing camera to see if you hit your target heart rate.

Johns Hopkins says that understanding your target heart rate is key to improving the effectiveness of exercise.

  1. Try taking different health and fitness classes and see what works for you. You can start training doing simple exercise. Whether it’s cardio, strength, yoga, dance, or any of the other 45+ categories on BurnAlong.
  2. Want to really dial it up and get your heart rate up? Take a Monte Sanders bootcamp to get your pulse racing!

Use the Heart Rate Monitor Outside

If you’re doing other exercises, like running or riding a bike, you can still check in on the BurnAlong app and measure your heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate.

Live In the Moment

With BurnAlong, you can take classes live with others and invite your loved ones to join you. Now you can help your loved ones monitor their health by encouraging them to take a Facial Metrics scan before and after your group classes.

Use BurnAlong Facial Metrics as a Pulse Oximeter App

Check your pulse and oxygen levels in seconds using the BurnAlong mobile app.

Get Started Easily

Can’t wait to monitor your vitals with your mobile device? Here’s how you can get started with the BurnAlong app.

1. Download the BurnAlong Health and Wellness App

Facial Metrics is now available on the BurnAlong mobile app on iOS and Android. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the App. If you already have the App, check to make sure it’s updated to the latest version. BurnAlong Facial Metrics works on compatible devices using Android version 8.1 and later and iOS version 12.4 and later.

Get BurnAlong for your iPhone by visiting the Apple App Store.

Get BurnAlong for your Android device by visiting the Google Play store.

2. Click the Heart Icon

The Facial Metrics heart icon appears in the bottom right on the home page and is also available before and after each class on BurnAlong.

Click the icon to get started – before your first scan remember to press ‘allow access’ for the scan to access the front-facing camera.

3. Now Hold Still. This Won’t Hurt a Bit.

While you’re taking your scan, keep your face centered in the camera and hold still. A green square will appear when the scan is working. No contact is needed for the scan to work, just keep your phone steady or rest it at an angle while you take the scan. Note, the scan works best in well-lit rooms and when sitting or standing still.

You’ll see your heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate calculate during the scan. Wait until the scan completes and closes automatically to get the most accurate results.

4. Read Your Results

The results screen will tell you the reading from the scan of your heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate. On the results screen there is additional information about your health metrics.

Heart Rate: According to, measuring your resting heart rate helps you understand your expected target heart rate. Your target heart rate typically falls between 50-85% of your maximum heart rate.

Oxygen Level: O2 is your Oxygen Saturation Level. According to, normal oxygen saturation is usually between 95% and 100%. Higher O2 levels can indicate more efficient workouts for your body. Your Oxygen levels can improve the more frequently you workout. Lower Oxygen Levels should be discussed with a professional healthcare provider.

Respiratory Rate: A person’s respiratory rate is the number of breaths taken a minute. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the normal respiratory rate for an adult at rest is 12 to 20 breaths per minute. This rate naturally increases during exercise.

Note: The metrics and results calculated from BurnAlong Facial Metrics are not intended to replace medical measurements or advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider for advice about your specific conditions. 

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