20/10 Hustle Challenge on BurnAlong

It’s time to set goals and crush them! We’re excited to kick off summer with a the BurnAlong 20/10 Hustle Challenge. The 20/10 Hustle Challenge runs from May 10-30th. You have twenty days to take 10 classes on BurnAlong.

If you complete 20 classes in 10 days, you’ll automatically win a BurnAlong cooling towel, and you’ll be entered to win $100 worth of exercise equipment. Let’s hustle do this together!


Here’s how it works: The 20/10 Hustle Challenge Q&A

  • What are the dates of the challenge? The challenge kicks off on May 10th and runs until May 30th.
  • How do I register? You don’t have to register! All BurnAlong community members will be automatically entered into the challenge, and we’ll track your classes. All you have to do is take classes!
  • What classes count? Every single class on BurnAlong counts for the challenge. You can hustle with bootcamps, cardio, and strength-based workouts, have a blast doing dance fitness workouts, bliss out with yoga and meditation, and even take sleep yoga for 10-days straight! Our brand-new nutrition classes from Terra’s Kitchen, Jennifer Cassetta, and Megan Sims are great if you’re looking to make healthy changes in your diet. And if you’re looking for a program to follow, browse some of our newest programs from Monte Sanders, Heather Gidusko, Megan Nolan, and Bianca Mazzola.
  • How do I stay motivated? We’re in this together! Join the BurnAlong Community Members Facebook Group to connect with other hustlers, share classes, meet instructors, and motivate each other along the way. We’ll be posting challenge check in videos on our Facebook page with updates about new classes, programs, and instructors. Share your workouts selfies with us for a chance to win extra prizes (hint: a Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow BurnAlong t-shirt or tank!).
  • If I complete the challenge, when will I know if I won a prize? We will email the individuals who completed 20 classes in 10 days and ship you your BurnAlong cooling towel! The lucky winner of $100 worth of exercise equipment will also receive an email and will be able to customize their prize.
  • Teresa Keegan
    Posted at 17:36h, 14 May Reply

    I believe that I’ve already completed 10 classes.

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