5 Fitness, Wellness, and Lifestyle Blogs We’re Reading This Week

If you’re looking fresh perspective on fitness, wellness, and life in general, look no further than this list of the five bloggers we’ve been reading this week — courtesy of recommendations from you!

Lunges and Lycra

Lunges and Lycra is a UK-based fitness blog brought to you by Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax. If you’re a woman (or man!) who likes sweating, fitness, and a cocktail at the end of the day, this blog is right up your alley. Here’s a little taste of how they keep it real and the topics they cover:

“According to new research from Bupa, despite waking up at 6.30am and going to sleep at 10.40pm, the average person in the UK tries to fit over 17 ½ hours of activity into that time, with only one in 20 opting to properly switch off.

Constantly checking our phones and social pressures mean even when we’re supposed to be relaxing, we’re never really ‘off’. The research found that we’re multi-tasking seven times a day, staying switched on right up until the moment we fall asleep – we’ve all dropped our phone on our face in bed right?”


Jen’s Blah Blah Blog

Jen’s Blah Blah Blog is a lifestyle blog that covers everything from crafts to fashion to food to technology. It’s a great resource for good, honest thoughts on the last trends. Here’s a tidbit you must read!

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The eyes that matter the most are your own. It’s hard to feel beautiful in a world full of unachievable, photo-shopped, images of beauty. Skinny, perfect teeth, tanned bodies, aren’t what all women have. It’s time to let YOUR beauty shine through. These are five ways to remind you how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful, and it’s time we showed it.”


One Twenty Five

For years, Liz has been documenting her struggles and triumphs with food and weigh loss. An avid runner, cross fitter, and traveler, Liz is honest and open, which is refreshing. After reading just a few posts, you really feel connected to her. Here’s a little snippet on motivation:

“I need that burst of motivation I used to get naturally.  I need to get my oomph back. I need to get healthier and fitter and not have sore knees(!).  So in the spirit of blogging about weight loss again, here I am, vulnerable to the Internet, in the hope that I can hold myself accountable through regular updates, honesty, and holding myself accountable.

So… Operation Lose 10 lbs:

My Fitness Pal: 1,800 calories a day

Walk an average of 10,000 steps/day each week

Run/sweat/move at least twice a week

At least one update a week on this blog (with numbers and honesty)”

Jill Fitt

Jill is a veteran blogger whose work has been featured on Self Magazine, Shape, Women’s Health Magazine, Prevention and more. She is a health, fitness and wellness coach dedicated to putting an end to crash diets and low self-esteem. Jill is also a big advocate for balance, which is highlighted in this feature from a recent post, 3 reasons why WINE can help you lead a healthy lifestyle, yas.

“Wine is not a weight loss tool.

And I would never advocate someone begin drinking it if they don’t already (that’s silly), but I would encourage you, as always, to find that 1-3 food items that you can incorporate into your eating daily or several times a week that acts as a buffer for you – something to take the edge off the feelings of deprivation so that you can stay consistent.”

Girls Gone Strong

If you haven’t been following the awesome and inspiring women behind Girls Gone Strong, add them to your list! Girls Gone Strong is the largest community of empowered women and they offer tools and resources to live your healthies life. Check out their take on spending more time outdoors.

“Whether it’s the fresh air, the sounds, the colors, the physical activity, or simply time spent away from screens and technology, nature has a way of healing, supporting, and nurturing.”


Who are you reading this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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