5 Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Bloggers We’re Reading This Week

If you’re looking fresh perspective on fitness, wellness, and life in general, look no further than this list of the five bloggers we can’t get enough of! We were turned onto some of these bloggers by our recent trip to IdeaWorld last week. If they’re not already on your radar, be sure to check them out.


The Daring Darling

Courtney, the Daring Darling, is about stepping out of comfort zones, traveling to new places, and finding inspiration in everyday experiences. She works as a Growth Marketer and enjoys rock climbing and skiing, but is always on the lookout for new skills, like skateboarding! Because she travels so much, she offers some great tips for having a healthy road trip:

  • Pack healthy snacks: “I try to incorporate a lot of healthy protein in my diet. That’s where Epic Bars come in! With just 1 g carbs, 4 g fat, and 15 g of all-natural meat protein, Epic chicken sriracha bars are an excellent snack to keep you full. When I’m craving something sweeter, I opt for an RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar. Made with egg white protein, nuts, and dates, it doesn’t get any “cleaner” than this bar. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Sea Salt, but I have yet to try an RXBAR I don’t like! Other healthy go-to’s include oatmeal, fresh fruit, almonds, protein powder, and carrots.”
  • Stay hydrated: “Grab your Hydroflask, Camelback, or whatever it is you use to drink water and fill that baby to the brim. Not only will you save money by not buying water bottles, but you’ll also remember to stay hydrated. Water helps flush your kidneys, keep your skin moisturized, and maintain normal bowel function”
  • Workout during rest breaks: “We take a lot of breaks (maybe because I’m so busy staying hydrated?) and find that our gas station stops are the best opportunities to stretch our legs, do a few squats, and get our heart rates up.”

Snacking in Sneakers

Chrissy is a dietitian, personal trainer, triathlete, Zumba instructor, and foodie. She blogs about her fave fitness routines, wellness tips, and even offers a whole section of healthy recipes! We discovered her at IdeaWorld last week. If you’re looking for healthy recipes and running advice, look no further! We love her runner’s diet guides.


Kasey is a certified personal trainer, owner of True to You Fitness TM, holds a degree in Health & Physical Education, and was voted in the Top 10 Inspiring Healthy-Living Bloggers To Follow by SELF Magazine.

Because she is so into healthy living and eating, she frequently features her current-favorite recipe, and they all look amazing. In the spirit of IdeaWorld in Las Vegas last week, Kasey wrote a blog recapping the entire event! Dig in

Summer Tomato

Darya is an enthusiastic foodie, balanced-health fanatic, and holds a Ph.D in Neuroscience; not only does she write blog posts, but she also has a podcast on Soundcloud in which she elaborates on the accompanying blog. Her main goal is to teach her readers how they can stay healthy and lose weight without dieting.

We love her fresh take on limiting beliefs (i.e. extreme dieting to make up for excessive “cheat meals”) can propel unhealthy behaviors in our lives.

“You are a foodie. You enjoy food. You celebrate life with food. You’re a foodist at heart. And you want to keep doing that… but right now it’s out of control, because you’re too hungry to have control, and your husband enables you to. So that makes you feel like you need to be even more restrictive, and double-down on things you’re good at, because you feel like you need to balance out bad behavior. When the reality is, what you need to do is be less restrictive, be more satisfied with your regular food, so that when you do want to treat yourself a little bit, it’s not a frantic race to fill up the hole that’s been in your body for 6 days.”

Comeback Mama

Jenn is a mom, wife, and “household CEO” from Boston — with that kind of title, you know she has everything under control. The biggest motivation behind her blog is to inspire other moms to be the best they can be for their families. Because she loves healthy living, she wants to make sure that common fitness myths don’t stick around. Here’s her take on how crunches won’t burn belly fat.

This is one of the biggest myths around. Crunches tone ab muscles, but, in order to burn the fat that covers those muscles you have to perform fat burning exercises along with keeping a calorie deficit.

You can add ab exercises into a fat burning workout, like, Kettlebell training, HIIT or Tabata, with these workouts you burn fat, while at the same time sculpting the muscles underneath.

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    Thanks so much for featuring my blog in this awesome list! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the ones on this list; I’m always looking for more health and fitness blogs to check out. 🙂

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