5 New Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Bloggers We’re Reading This Week

If you’re looking fresh perspective on fitness, wellness, and life in general, look no further than this list of the five bloggers we’ve been reading this week — courtesy of recommendations from BurnAlong community members worldwide.

Thank you! Keep those tips coming.

Borm & Co.

For all the mamas out there, Julie from Borm & Co. is a proud mom of two young boys and offers up great advice on how to do it all. You’ll enjoy post about recipes, vacation tips, motherhood, and raising small children.

Here’s a little tidbit from her blog:

“If you are nervous about taking a big risk, here are some tips I have for helping you make the leap: Talk to mentors. Not your best friend. Not your mom. Those people are too invested in your personal life to give unbiased views of big life choices. Instead, chat with a professional mentor about what you are facing.”

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is your go-to-guide on all things health and fitness. They keep it real by covering stories and topics that are equal parts funny, helpful, and relatable.

Fun fact from one of their recent posts, Getting Swole: What makes muscles grow?

Each of us is made of about 650 muscles — pause to let that sink in — that’s 650 individual muscles all designed to serve a unique function to allow us to move, stand, eat, talk and breathe. All day long they do their respective jobs and you don’t really have to think much about it, but it’s amazing when you do think about it.

Running off the Reese’s

Cely from Running off the Reese’s is an avid blogger whose posts range from book reviews to favorite obsessions to important things happening in the world.

If you’re thinking about trying The Whole30, you gotta read her post on her experience.

Lifting Makes Me Happy

Mindi is a blogger, mom and weight lifter who covers everything from fitness and weight lifting to battling depression and anxiety.

Here’s a sneak peek of what drives her to lift!

“Lifting heavy doesn’t just make my muscles stronger it makes me feel stronger inside and out. As somebody who experiences regular bouts of depression this is a natural antidepressant and there are no nasty side effects – just good ones.”

The Fitnessita

Gini is a wife, mom, and certified personal trainer who loves to blog about quick workouts, healthy recipes, and her favorite things.

Check out this snippet from her piece on Mom Guilt:

I’ve been focusing on changing my inner mantra, which sounds so dang cheesy, but it actually works. Instead of talking negatively to myself, I think of what I would say to a friend. I would never tell a good friend, “You suck, you could be doing so much more, you can’t keep up with everything.” It would undoubtedly be something like, “Yeah, raising littles is no joke. For what it’s worth, I think you’re amazing. You’re doing so much, and your kids are lucky to have you.”

Who are you reading? Send us a note and let us know!


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