It’s Awesome: Says YouTube Star, Expectant Mother, of BurnAlong

What She Says:
“It’s an awesome way to workout! It’s super-convenient, you can stream a variety of workouts from pre-natal to cardio to bootcamps from your laptop, your phone, or tablet,” says Kelsey Scott of our friends StepsToWander (check out their youtube channel ).

She continues:
BUT the really cool thing about BurnAlong is that you can either workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home by yourself or you can actually workout with your friends through a live-video-stream.

What She Picked:
Kelsey chose Kristin McGee’s yoga basics level one, 10-minute pre-natal workout. (Kristin trains celebrities like Leann Rimes and Tina Fey — and you and friends on BurnAlong!)

Get started here:


Watch Kesley’s experience:

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