Father’s Day Fitness Gift Ideas

Thinking about a unique and cutting-edge Father’s Day gift?

On KTLA5 News, reporter Jessica Abo, recommends BurnAlong. Dad can stream exercise classes on his phone, tablet, computer, or tv, whenever he wants and from wherever he wants.

There are classes for all ages and levels, ranging from cardio to bootcamps to barre to yoga. (You might be surprised to learn how many men are keen to take yoga in private; they’re just not comfortable taking them in public yet – but they’ll get there!)

Plus, on BurnAlong, Dad can take classes on his own, or he can invite his friends or family members, to join him in a live private session. As mentioned in the clip, studies show you’re more likely to stick to exercise routines with the support of others.

Put a smile on Dad’s face. Sign up on www.BurnAlong.com First month is free, and use Father’s Day special code DADS17 for just $8.99 a month after that. (P.S. You can cancel anytime).


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