Fitness DVDs Aren't Your Friends

“The 28 day diet.” “Abs in 7 days.” “The Stone Age Diet.” “Get Toned in 5 Minutes.”

Lots of enticing promises. But do they work? Probably if you stick through them. But who does that? Let’s be honest: We start them strong, and we’re dedicated, but pretty soon we lose our motivation. We switch to “The Batchelor” on TV … Right?

Right. But don’t feel guilty. One-way fitness is not motivating. You need to see people and they need to see you or know what you’re doing.

That’s how BurnAlong is different.

We bring both local instructors you know to you, and / or your friends.  Whether your friend or the local instructor is across the country, you can work out with them from your own home.

So when it’s 9pm at night, and you’re scheduled to exercise with a friend, you’re going to make it.

That’s friendship. That’s motivation. That’s accountability.  That’s BurnAlong.

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