Get Offline and Go To The Gym! Surprised?

Confused? Not the message you’d expect to see on an online platform? Well, we’re not your average online platform. We want you to go in person to your local gyms and studios.

At BurnAlong we believe the online compliments the offline. When you can, go in person to a gym or studio. Exercise in person with your friends. Take the class from the local instructor who you know and trust. Get out of the house.

But for when you can’t make it to your gym or studio because life simply just gets in the way, BurnAlong connects you to those same friends and local instructors from home.

So you’re always connected to those motivate you.

About Us:

BurnAlong lets you workout online with top instructors from gyms and studios across the country, and live with friends you invite. Never miss a workout, and always have someone motivating you. From yoga to barre to cardio to bootcamps to tai chi, discover something new on BurnAlong.


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