Guest Post: Why Real Men Love Barre

Guest post from Sue Sheain, owner of Bethany beach body barre:

Beach Body Barre brags that we are the “approachable barre program” for anyone and everyone at any fitness level, age and experience. As a result of this “safe BARRE z one,” we see more men in our classes than most other programs. Like our women, they are all ages and range from barre beginners to barre addicts. Wives bring their husbands. Girlfriends bring their boyfriends. Moms bring their sons. And some men have the wherewithal to bring themselves in the tradition of Beach Body Barre’s motto: “Bring yourself and be yourself” here at our studio.

menbarre-sue-sheain-11-14-16These men realize the benefits of this body changing workout and have embraced the small isometric movements, even the tucks and bridges. More importantly, they are forced to stretch those often too short muscles that have been overworked with heavy lifting or intense cardio. Some newbies feel those muscles that have not been worked at all for awhile and they forgot they even had. All that barre emphasis on the booty is also appreciated by our men at the barre, because it strengthens their lower back, improves their posture and further supports their core. No dance, no ballerinas, no tutus. Just your body weight and a mind body connection for an hour of creating longer, leaner muscles safely.

Our Marine above said he used muscles in ways that he didn’t think he could use them and he impressed his mom and girlfriend with his new found flexibility. While the family below, a mother & son/daughter & husband pairing, were the first to calculate the benefits of barre for men. The gentleman with the Fitbit burned 529 calories in an hour of barre and raised his heart-rate to the burn zone without getting winded. Happy to forego his long run that day because he said the calorie burn could not compare.

menbarre2-sue-sheain-11-14-16Bottom line: The benefits of BARRE are truly for EVERYONE. Find your barre safe zone, try it, keep doing it and see the quick results of more definition, strength and flexibility for your entire body. The science of barre allows you to do it everyday. No recovery between workouts needed and even more reason to add it to your fitness regime. Let’s not let the yogis alone brag that men GET it. Trusting that more men will belly up to the barre and get the results they have longed for. Real MEN do barre. Represent!

This post has been written by Sue Sheain, owner of Bethanny beach body barre.  Learn more about Sue and her great barre studio here:

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