Introducing: Baltimore BurnAlong Churches Challenge!

Tomorrow is the official launch of the Baltimore Church 90-Day Fitness Challenge between Empowerment Temple and Southern Baptist Church. This Westside-Eastside fitness competition between the two congregations, led by Dr. Bryant and Dr. Hickman, is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage the community to strengthen not only their mind and spirit, but their bodies, during the next three months.

Physical transformation seldom happens on your own. Healthy, active lifestyles require accountability, teamwork and encouragement from friends and family along the way, which is what this challenge is all about.

Under the guidance of Dr. Bryant and Dr. Hickman and Monte Sanders, of MBS Fitness Labs, thousands of church members in Baltimore and beyond will be competing to see who can lose the most weight and exercise the most on BurnAlong.

Members can stream a wide range of classes, from Monte Sanders’s cardio workouts to yoga to barre to tai chi, from gyms and studios across the country. They can do it on their own, or invite up to three friends to live-video stream with them in private sessions. There’s always the motivation!

Dr. Bryant and Dr. Hickman will be taking Monte’s classes regularly together on BurnAlong, from wherever they are in the country!

At the end of the 90-day challenge winners, male and female, will be announced in three different age brackets, with some juicy prizes from our friends at Under Armour for the winners.

As part of the competition, members will be streaming a wide variety of fitness classes offered at any level. Individuals can work out on their own or schedule time to take a class with friends or family in a private group setting.

Best of luck to everyone at Empowerment Temple and Southern Baptist Church!

P.S.: If you’re a group or organization looking to do something similar, reach out to us! This is the first of many programs we’re putting together to bring our communities together and create more active, healthy lifestyles.

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