Join The AX-Core 30-Day Ab Blasting Super Challenge!

Want to burn belly fat and get a flatter stomach? Then Ax-Core and the AxionTrainer are for you! This innovative piece of equipment is scientifically proven to improve your abdominal region. It works on the principle of reaction impact. Inside the AxionTrainer is a grit that you move while doing core-specific moves.

It’s an abs, strength, and cardio workout all at once!

This Ax-Core 30-day Ab Blasting Super Challenge on BurnAlong is guaranteed to give you tighter abs, a stronger core, and a flatter belly in 30-days. And it only takes 15 minutes per day! The challenge runs from February 1-March 2nd and the winner will be announced on March 5th.

Here’s the skinny on how it works…

How the 30-day challenge works:

You’ll log into your BurnAlong account (or sign up for a free trial) each day and take the challenge class. We’re going to do 4 exercises using the Large AxionTrainer and we’ll do each exercise 100 times! Don’t worry because we’re going to break it down into 4 sets of 25. You can find the workouts on BurnAlong.

  • 25x The UpTick
  • 25x The Sitting Twist
  • 25X The Top Halves
  • 25X The One Winged Angel


How To Win The Challenge:

  1. Snap a photo the day that you start and possibly take your measurements with a measuring tape
  2. Snap as many videos of yourself working your core muscles with the AxionTrainer as possible, at least 1x per week
  3. Snap progress photos of yourself every 7-days
  4. Complete the 30-day workout
  5. Send your pictures to

The Challenge runs from February 1- March 2. Winner will be announced on Monday, March 5th. The person who makes the most progress wins!

The WINNER will receive: 

  1. A year subscription to BurnAlong
  2. A GOLDEN AxionTrainer
  3. The AxionTrainer Double Set
  4. The Ax-Core Workouts “MOVES” book
  5. PLUS the ebooks by Alexa van Leer ‘How To Eat Cake and Stay Thin Too’ and ‘Sanity with Food’

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