Let the Mascara Run (Or Toss It)

If you’ve bought fitness DVDs or used online platforms in the past, you’ll notice something different about BurnAlong. Our participants in classes aren’t models; and our classes aren’t made to look like Hollywood productions. People sweat and their mascara runs (if they’re even wearing it).

Real people don’t have the time or need to photoshop their bodies. And exercising, of all things, should be about the effort, how you feel and results. Not only about how you look.

At BurnAlong we’re focused on two things:

  1. Making it as simple as possible for you to exercise with whom you want, when you want, and from wherever you want.
  2. Providing a class environment that is motivating and full of familiar faces and encouragement.

To paraphrase a famous line, love like you’ve never been hurt, work like you don’t need the money, and exercise like only your close friends are watching!

About BurnAlong:

BurnAlong lets you workout online with top instructors from gyms and studios across the country, and live with friends you invite. Never miss a workout, and always have someone motivating you. From yoga to barre to cardio to bootcamps to tai chi, discover something new on BurnAlong.

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