New (Free) Service: Answering All Your Fitness and Wellness Questions

We’re excited to announce that BurnAlong consultants are available free for our community members to answer any questions — from organizing workout or wellness plans to putting together classes about where to start. Just email

So whether you …

… Tell yourself: “I haven’t worked out in a while, but I’m committed to losing this weight and becoming more active…but I don’t really know where or how to start.”

…. Or maybe you’re thinking: “I want to add more strength and weight training to my workouts… but I need help understanding proper form and what type of exercises I should be doing.”

… Or you might be saying to your physician: “I know, I know, I need to do cardio three times a week… but I need someone to help me with a plan.”

Whether you want to lose weight, get back into exercising for the first time in a long time, or you want to try something new, knowing how and when to start is all-too-often the hardest step.

It’s scary to jump into something new(ish) — especially when it involves your health.

We get it.

Luckily we’ve built a network of BurnAlong partners with deep expertise in these sorts of things, and we are making them available to you.

Think of us as your number one superfan in your fitness journey. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help.

Reach out to us today to get started.

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