Oh No! Bad Weather, Class Canceled? Problem Solved: Workout Online

Tis the winter season of snow, rain, sleet, which means canceled classes. If you’re like us, you received a few emails this morning from your favorite instructors announcing cancelled classes. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of that season.

It’s no wonder December is known for weight gain. As The New York Times warned in October:

Later this month, the numbers on your scale will begin a long climb past holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, peaking around New Year’s Day, according to research published last month as a letter to the editor in The New England Journal of Medicine.

What’s worse, those extra holiday pounds tend to stick around for quite some time.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. With BurnAlong.com when you can’t make a class in person, you can join that same instructor online. You never have to lose your routine. AND you also don’t need to lose the motivation of working out with friends. With BurnAlong, if you want, you can invite friends to join you live.

Have a watch:

As one BurnAlong user (mother of three) wrote to us:

I had my third child a year ago and I’m just starting to crawl out from under the rubble of all the chaos (and joy) that brings to a family. I needed to get my body moving … BurnAlong is the easiest answer to my dilemma. I can work out in the convenience of my home, take a variety of classes, choose when I want to exercise, invite friends to work out with me and wear whatever I want (mismatched socks, check!) while burning off my post-baby weight.

Sign up now and try BurnAlong for a month free (not billed until Month 2) or act quickly and seize a discounted rate for an entire year.

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