Conference: The 3 Things Millennials Want While Exercising

“Understanding millennials, and their exercising habits, can leave some people feeling a lot like Mel Gibson in the movie ‘What Women Want’,” BurnAlong co-founder Daniel Freedman told industry executives at the MotionSoft Technology conference on September 16.

Priorities for them, he outlined, include being social (being able to do activities, like exercising with their friends), ease of access (when they want it), and authenticity (real people, real scenarios; less Hollywood).

“That’s where BurnAlong comes in: giving people the connection to their local gyms, to real instructors, and to their friends. See your friends live, and your favorite instructor, so the motivation is always there.”

“If people lose those connections at home, they’re likely to cancel their memberships, and then stop exercising. That’s not good for anyone,” Daniel said. “That’s where BurnAlong steps in.”

Several speakers, including the Chairman of IHRSA and Wes Sims of FX Well, echoed the importance of bridging the gap between the online and the offline brick-and-mortar gyms/studios in a way that addresses the priorities of millennials.

The summit included top industry leaders and thinkers, including CIOs Bruce Gardner (David Lloyd Leisure), Adam Zeitsiff (Gold’s Gym), Corey Benish (Planet Fitness), Samir Desai (Equinox) and Mike Rucker (Active Wellness), and CEO’s Jeff Skeen (Fitness Connection), Robert Brewster (Alaska Club), Julia Higgins (President – Mid-Atlantic, CIGNA Healthcare).

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