TV: Accountability is Key to Fitness, Online Solution

When you can’t make it the gym, whether you’re working late, you’re traveling, you can’t get a babysitter, or the friends you want to take classes with have that exact challenge (or are on the other side of the country), it’s hard to find the motivation. Online platforms don’t provide the consistent fitness motivation people need. Or we should says “didn’t until now.”

You’re more likely to actually exercise from home if someone holds you accountable. It’s ideal if they work out with you live. That’s where BurnAlong comes in. You can workout from home with your favorite trainers, or live with friends you invite. See and hear those friends.

In this clip watch Mike Kott, co-founder of BurnAlong, joined celebrity trainer Monte Sanders on WBAL on December 10, 2016 to talk about how BurnAlong, is helping people stay connected to their local instructors and friends.

About Monte Sanders:

Monte Sanders is a highly sought after Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Expert. For more than 20 years, as CEO and Founder of M.B.S. Fitness Lab, Monte has been working to transform lives. Some of his most notable work has been seen on the football field with his future Hall of Fame clients, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens. Monte spent 14 years as Ray’s personal trainer, helping him remain the most dominant player in the game for 17 seasons. You can join Monte’s classes in person in Baltimore, or online at

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