Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

Couples who play together stay together, the saying goes. Even better, by working out with your partner you can get results faster. Santa Clara University scientists found that couples joining forces in the gym have a stronger bond, and the duo can build muscle faster, shed the pounds quicker and create a rhythmic calm in everyday life.

It’s not always easy to push yourself, but having someone who loves you push for just a little more every day adds pounds to your lift, numbers to your squats and those 5 extra pull ups you’ve been trying for. With BurnAlong, you can always turn to a partner or a friend, even when you can’t be there in person – just live video-stream together!

With all of this in mind and Valentine’s Day here, BurnAlong has collected a series of workouts perfect for you and your better half. Try one or all of them, then let us know about your experience in the comments below!

It’s Special With a Partner, Solo/Duo Workout with Jason Williams 


Throw in some new flavors with Flexible Blend at Marie Christine’s Dance and Fitness.


Keep the Sparring for the Dojo, Join Maria Lopez in a MinjaFit Kickboxing Basics lesson.


Focus on what’s Core with Monte Sanders and MBS Fitness Lab, Abs City:


Treat yourself and attain peace of mind with Yoga 4 You:


Tango around the Moon with Dani Yarusso at Arrow Yoga.


Make It the Best Valentine’s Day Ever. Barre None with Partner Barre from Jason William’s Charm City PT.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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