We are the 99% (of Exercisers)

The people you’ll see in the classes in our videos are real people. They’re often people who happened to be in the regularly scheduled class. We don’t hire models, put on makeup or do multiple filming cuts to create a façade.  We film the sweaty, sometimes clumsy, yet beautiful truth of working out.  The reality is that working out isn’t always conventionally pretty.

Regular people are the ones we celebrate and are most proud of: People who have busy schedules – from family, kids, work, and other responsibilities – who make the time, whether it’s early in the morning, during the day, at late at night, to exercise.  Keep it up!!!

It’s not about looking perfect. Real people don’t look perfect. They look great, and they’re always seeking to improve. That’s what we applaud.

On BurnAlong, no one is judging you. If anyone sees you on the platform, it’s your friends. They’re the ones who are in similar situations to you. The people who make you laugh, smile, and who motivate you – and you motivate them. The real people you relate to.

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