Corporate Health & Wellness

Create a Healthy, Happy, and Vibrant Culture

Give Your Employees Personalized Online Well-Being Programming and Social Motivation.

Companies and institutions of all sizes use BurnAlong. And we partner with insurance companies, brokers and wellness instructors. We even work with traditional wellness platforms.

Whether you’re focused on retaining and attracting talent, lowering healthcare costs and reducing sick days, or creating a vibrant and inclusive culture, BurnAlong is the solution for you.


Quick and Easy to Implement

It takes minutes for your team to be fully set up with BurnAlong – globally. We know how busy HR and IT teams are. So, whether you have 500 employees or 500,000, we make implementation quick, easy, and enjoyable for everyone.

Outperforming Traditional Programs 5X

We do this by delivering programming for everybody, including those who are struggling to achieve their health and wellness goals. Using a combination of:

  • Unparalleled choice of video classes and programs (1,000+ classes across 40+ categories, from cardio to mindfulness to sleep to financial wellness).
  • Social support (take classes in live private sessions with co-workers, friends, or family).
  • Personalized experiences driven by Machine Learning.

Classes for Everyone

From classes for people with diabetes and chronic conditions, to programming for children and new mothers, to content and clinical studies developed with doctors, BurnAlong helps you deliver health and wellness results for all your employees (and their families!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there classes for people dealing with stress, insomnia, and chronic conditions?

Yes! From mindfulness to nutrition to stress management to classes for those with chronic conditions, we have your employees physical and mental health covered.

Do you have any discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes! Please contact our sales team for details.

How much setup is involved?

Very little, we just need the email addresses your employees will be using for their access.

Can employees workout live with family members and non-employees?

Yes! They can workout live with whoever motivates them.

I have on-site instructors, how do you work with them?

We partner with on-site wellness instructors and can bring their classes onto BurnAlong too. When we do that, more people end up discovering (and attending) on-site classes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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