Corporate Wellness

Create Healthy Habits

A fitness and wellness program perfect for your workforce and their families.

Increase Engagement

Happier, healthier employees are more productive and lead to better business results. Increase engagement by investing in your employees overall wellbeing by offering unlimited access online exercise classes.

Attract Top Talent

If you invest in your employees, they’ll invest in you. Increase retention and attract top talent by offering online exercise and wellness classes to your employees and their families.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Give your employees the tools and resources to live happier, fuller lives. With unlimited access to exercise and nutrition classes, you can proactively invest in the future of your workforce while driving down healthcare costs.

Featured Case Study: The Baltimore Ravens

“Employee wellness and engagement is a top priority for the Baltimore Ravens. We expect a lot from our employees and we encourage them to take great care of themselves.  We want healthy, happy, engaged employees. With BurnAlong, busy employees can work daily exercise into their schedules at times that fit their needs. They can incorporate their families into their exercise program and save valuable time by exercising wherever they are. We would recommend BurnAlong to anyone looking for personalized, effective exercise programs with quality instructors at an amazing price.”

– Elizabeth Jackson, VP of HR, Baltimore Ravens

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