The Instructor's Checklist for Getting Started

Step 1

Create Your Account

It's easy to get started. Get your free Instructor Account created in seconds. Need help? Check out this video.

Create Your Account

Step 2

Complete Your Instructor Profile

Add a short bio and select your certification(s) from the dropdown. Finally, upload a photo!

Complete Your Profile

Step 3

Recording Your First Class

Introduce yourself and give folks a look into the kinds of classes they can expect from you! Most instructors' first class is less than 10 minutes long.

Filming Tips & Examples

Step 4

Posting Your First Class

Now that your first class is filmed, it's time to post! Add a title and a short description, then click 'Save Class and go to Upload'. Then click 'Upload New Video' and set it as active!

Burnalong Login

Once you upload 5 Classes we'll automatically send you the gift card and t-shirt!

Downloadable Checklist (Google Doc) Link

Resources for Coaches

Perks and Discounts

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Support and FAQs

Get answers to all of your Burnalong questions (and more) with your dedicated support page.

Class Creation Helper

Thinking about your first class?

Class Quality Grader

Looking to ensure great quality?

3 Tips for Coaches

Start good, finish great.