Help drive higher engagement and better outcomes

Partnering with BurnAlong makes it easier and more motivating for patients to follow their physical therapy and exercise prescriptions.

“One of my biggest challenges is making sure that my patients stay motivated and committed to their home exercises. BurnAlong makes that easy by letting them watch my sessions from home, and see exactly what they should be doing.”

 Chris Kopp — PT, OCS, Clinic Director


Higher Engagement, Better Outcomes

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How does it work?

Once a patient's BurnAlong account is created, they get access to our entire library of video workouts. They can exercise on their own, or with a family member or friend (who they can see and hear on the screen as well).

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Give your patients access to great classes, anytime, anywhere

Patients can access online video classes from hundreds of wellness professionals, on their phones, computers, and tablets.

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BurnAlong Partners See Results

By letting patients access classes or physical therapy whenever they want – from the hospital bed to their homes and with the option to have friends or family members join them live - doctors, physical therapists, and health coaches see higher adherence and better outcomes.

"Social isolation is one of the largest issues facing young adults impacted by cancer and BurnAlong is able to offer the benefits of social connections and physical activity simultaneously, two of the major focuses of the Cancer to 5K program. It's proving to be great for both the survivors and those who want to support them - wherever they are in the country or world."

RJ Canning, Director — The Ulman Cancer Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Can participation be tracked?

Doctors, physical therapists, health coaches, family members, and patients themselves can set individual or group goals and programs to follow, for themselves and with others, and track progress and adherence.

How much setup is involved?

Very little! BurnAlong requires no systems integration, and your organization’s account can be setup in just a few hours. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

“In July, 2017, while on a relaxing vacation in Jamaica, my heart suddenly stopped and left me floating face-down in the resort pool. I woke up in intensive care in Ft. Lauderdale as a semi-invalid. The cardiologists told me I must slow down and take heart medications for the rest of my life... Investigation led me to yoga to stretch my chest and back muscles — and that’s where BurnAlong saved the day for me! I needed to start slowly, work at my own pace, be able to explore different instructors and combinations, plus, most of all, I needed the yoga classes to be flexible and conform to MY schedule. BurnAlong has given me this — and MORE. I’ve expanded the classes I take each day to include ab workouts, and stretching. And every week, I choose another type of exercise class to see how I like it. I’m almost completely off the heart medications, continuing to lose weight, and I’m toning my body. And I feel great!!” — Jacque — BurnAlong Member

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