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Access in-depth studies on the latest fitness, health, and wellness strategies to enable and empower your teams.

Employee Health, Fitness and Wellness Ebooks


HR Leader's Guide to
Open Enrollment 2021

Gain tips, strategies, and examples for business leaders for a smooth open enrollment for their hybrid workforce.


Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Corporate Wellness Program

Dive into the different facets of making a wellness program successful, from conception to launch all the way to evaluation and expansion.


An HR Leader's Definitive Guide to REmote Employee Engagement

Consider engagement strategies that meet their employees wherever they are, whether in an office, in their home, or somewhere in between. state of employee health and well-being

The State of Employee Health
and Well-being 2021

Learn key employee well-being trends from and BurnAlong research.


10 Trends for Fitness
Business Owners

Discover opportunities for re-opened gyms and studios to increase revenue and engagement.


Spending and Getting More Out of Wellness Dollars

Uncover cover what to look for, expect, and avoid while managing your wellness dollars.

Build your hybrid workforce cover

Build Your Hybrid Workforce

Discover the inequities created from remote work, how employers can compensate, and key trends to enable and empower your hybrid workforce.


The Key to ROI: Maximizing Wellness Program Participation

Learn the benefits of a corporate wellness program and how to encourage employee engagement in your wellness programming.


Implementing and launching of wellness programs

Dive into what HR leaders need to do to implement a wellness program (and how to get employee enrollment).

Whole Mind, Whole Body, Whole Life

About Burnalong

What Makes Burnalong So Great?


Thousands of live and on-demand classes and wellness programs.


Live motivation from friends, family, and co-workers.


Machine Learning tailors the experience to each individual.


Up to 4 free family sub-accounts included with every corporate subscription.

Live Classes

Instructors stream multiple live classes every day across 45+ categories.

Wellness Habits

Trackable wellness habits help to achieve your wellness goals directly in the app.


Team challenges and individual challenges help motivate and engage members.


Data-driven insights and analytics to help adjust and optimize engagement efforts.