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In March 2016 I received a call from my doctor on a Friday night that shook me to my core: “Mrs. Goodwin your test scores reveal that we need to put you on Medication for diabetes you need to call the office on Monday and tell them to get you in this week so that we can talk about your options”.  I hung up the phone and started crying. My husband asked who was that and what’s wrong, and I couldn’t even bring myself to talk.


Monday arrived and at the appointment the news was even worse. The doctor said my blood pressure was also really high, and “we need to get you started on blood pressure medicine also.”  I started tearing up again thinking about everything I could no longer eat and being put on the two drugs I know can cause problems down the line with your liver.”What other options do I have?,” I asked, “I’m not into taking any medications.” “If you lose about 10 pounds you should be able to get off of them.  Please understand Mrs. Goodwin you could have a stroke, high blood pressure is a silent killer…” “Give me 3 to 4 weeks please to eat right and workout,” I said.


A friend then told me on Facebook about a boot camp class with a celebrity trainer.  My friend said, “google him, Monte Sanders, he’s good he trained Ray Lewis and Ed Reid.” Well that’s all I needed to hear they are two of my favorite NFL players.  So we signed up for the class together. It turned out to be LIFE CHANGING FOR ME. Monte told me after “the key is EATING CLEAN. You can not come in here and workout and then go home and cheat.”  His favorite words in camp is, “don’t cheat yourself” and it sticks with me. I have NEVER worked out so hard in my life this camp was something my body was not used and it shocked my body.  I went 3 days a week and Monte encouraged to do the online workouts as well, so when I’m not in camp I can still workout with him.


Monte is online at Besides cardio, there’s yoga, toning, barre, to name a few. What’s great is I can workout with Monte, AND I can invite friends to join me. I invite friends from all over the U.S. My parents had four girls which we all live in four different States — MD, VA, GA and NJ — so it’s really good when you can see your family from afar workout with you.


Since I’ve been doing this I’ve lost 32 pounds to date! I’ve lost 4.25 inches around my waist. My clothes are loser, went from Xtra large tops to Medium tops. FINALLY something worked for me. It’s life changing!


— Paulette G., Baltimore, MD

I had my third child a year ago and I’m just starting to crawl out from under the rubble of all the chaos (and joy) that brings to a family. I needed to get my body moving, but I don’t belong to a gym YET.


BurnAlong is the easiest answer to my dilemma. I can work out in the convenience of my home, take a variety of classes, choose when I want to exercise, invite friends to work out with me and wear whatever I want (mismatched socks, check!) while burning off my post-baby weight.



I’m feeling more energetic, stronger and happier!  Thank you BurnAlong for the quality and choices of classes.


— Dana K., Silver Spring, MD

I am a mom of 5 young daughters and I work full time.  Taking care of my family is exhausting yet rewarding, yet it’s about the ‘they’ not the ‘I’.  Most nights I’m not able to make it out to the gym, on the nights that I can I’m exhausted just thinking about the 10 min drive each way and how those extra 20 minutes just made the thought of going out even less likely to happen. BurnAlong has solved those issues. It gives me the time and flexibility to focus on the ‘I’.


Lately , I’ve been working out with my sister, if one of us gets delayed due to kids bed time I just text her and say “let’s burn along in 10 mins”- we don’t miss the class like we would have if we had to go to a gym, we just reschedule for whatever works for us.  I also love how BurnAlong lets me maintain my social relationships, it’s so nice talking to your family/friend when you work out and to be able to catch up on your day while you sweat, do yoga, or kickbox.

And let’s be honest, if this resonates with you then you should give BurnAlong a chance, and burn along! It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s flexible, it’s probably the only “I” time you have in your day!


— Nina C., Pikesville, MD

BurnAlong has made such a difference in how I work out!  I used to work out with my friends all the time in-person to videos, but with their careers, babies, and other obligations, that can be difficult.


With BurnAlong, we can connect in a few seconds, rather than taking 15 minutes to drive to their houses or to the gym.  In addition to feeling connected and motivated, BurnAlong has an excellent selection and variety of workouts.


Thanks, BurnAlong, for keeping me and my friends fit!


— Persia S., Baltimore, MD

BurnAlong makes working out with friends really convenient. I always need some encouragement to get my workout in. BurnAlong allowed me to do something healthy for myself with a friend who lives 40 minutes away. It’s really easy to get
up in the morning, do a quick 23 or 40-minute workout, take a shower and get to work. I don’t have to factor in travel time and my friends can join me.

I love the BurnAlong trainers. When I’m working out alone the trainers are great at getting you to go the extra mile and work a little harder to burn more calories. It’s like you’re a part of the class. I will definitely be taking classes with Monte in the future!

— Amanda P., Silver Spring, MD

BurnAlong helped me find time to get back into working out after having a baby. I can fit it in at my convenience, and scheduling classes with my friends means I won’t skip out.


— Chrissa T., Boston, MA