Diverse & Inclusive Wellness Programming

Find better health, fitness and wellness programming with BurnAlong through online personalized classes and social motivation of friends, family, and co-workers.
How BurnAlong Works

Everybody’s unique. Treat them that way.

Traditional wellness programming doesn’t work. BurnAlong does.

INC Magazine described BurnAlong as “Pioneering a New Approach to Wellness (That Actually Sticks)”.

That’s because BurnAlong helps individual users, employees, and their families achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. It starts with personalized online fitness & wellness videos. This includes 5,000+ classes across 45+ categories, challenges, programs, and the ability to track goals and habits.

It continues by delivering social motivation through group classes. Users have the option of taking classes alone, on-demand, in private groups, or live.

That’s why BurnAlong users include insurance plans, cities, hospitals, universities, senior centers, and companies across the globe.

Our members range from amateur athletes to people struggling with chronic conditions. The youngest is 6-weeks old (taking Mommy and Me classes). And the oldest is 97 and counting.

Learn more by clicking on one of the sections below, or schedule a 1-to-1 demo to see BurnAlong in action.

Corporate Employers

BurnAlong works with leading employers to give their employees the motivation and tools to reach their health & wellness goals.


BurnAlong supports cities and municipalities, and also partners with leading brokers, insurers, and wellness portals.

Insurers & Brokers

Top insurers and brokers around the world rely on BurnAlong’s wellness platform to provide an innovative solution for their clients.


Our unparalleled range of classes and cutting-edge technology is why 5x as many people stick with us than the online average.