Wellness Classes and Custom Programs for Hospitals and Specialists

BurnAlong partners with hospitals and specialists to drive better results for patients in areas ranging from prenatal to the elderly. Give broad access to BurnAlong or create targeted programs for patients to follow – including the ability to include your own content. Patients can take classes alone, or live with the motivation of friends, family, and others with similar goals or interests. Areas where BurnAlong works range from women at risk of gestational diabetes, to cancer patients, to geriatric prehab programs.
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Reduce Patient Re-Admits with At-Home Support

Hospitals and specialists can create and curate custom programming for patients to complete at home. With patient-level reporting on class completion, condition or habit updates, community participation, and program enrollment, healthcare workers can ensure quality at-home care.

We currently work with leading healthcare professionals and specialists to prescribe post-visit or post-surgery activity to improve patient care through our digital health solution.

In addition to custom videos you create, patients also have access to 13,000+ classes across nearly 50 wellness categories on BurnAlong to continue their wellness journey with preventative programming.


Prescribe At-Home Care with a
Digital Wellness Solution



Support Value-Based Care with Digital Health

Provide remote care coordination with custom, specialist-created content with curated programs for patients to complete. With BurnAlong, patients can access on-demand video classes on any device and at any time.

We will work with you to keep patients well and reduce re-admits with a structured wellness plan. This will allow you to guide patients through at-home treatment with custom programming.

Innovative Digital Health Technology

Chronic Condition Management

With BurnAlong, patients can have exclusive access to not only your programming but other specialty categories such as Parkinson's disease or MS support, nutrition, cancer care, adaptive workouts, mental health, and so much more. With your custom content, easily uploaded with our intuitive interface, patients can experience improved post-treatment care.

In addition, with each account, every patient will have four family accounts so that caregivers can also receive support with stress management, sleep, mindfulness, financial literacy, and fitness classes.

Getting Started

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BurnAlong partners with doctors and hospitals, as well as employers, schools, universities, senior centers, Medicare plans, rehabilitation specialists, and insurers. Everyone gets the programming and social motivation to achieve their health and wellness goals.

We also partner with your local and on-site experts, bringing them onto BurnAlong to help support specific needs.


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