Amazing and the energy... is infectious. They have done an astounding job and our employees are super excited about the program. We love it and I’m very pleased with the ease of the program and the overall implementation.
Juanita Martin
Director of Human Resources, Broker

How is BurnAlong a Differentiator?



Your clients’ workforces are diverse; our programming mirrors that diversity. And they will appreciate it.


Family Included

Provide a unique benefit to everyone covered by your plans — their families are included. Go ahead and help your clients connect with those who motivate them.



Your clients get 12-months of built-in challenges and programming, so they’ll only need one solution.


More Choices

We keep it fresh with new classes added daily. That includes classes for those struggling with physical or mental health, disabilities and chronic conditions.


No Integration or Setup

Getting started doesn’t have to be a hassle. BurnAlong doesn’t require an integration or technical setup. So companies are up in running in hours, not days.


Helpful Reports

Your clients’ will get detailed reports so they can see what’s working. We also provide helpful insights based on trends we’re seeing (like a spike in prenatal classes in a specific location).

Want to learn more?

We’ll email you back with a couple resources and ask if you’re interested in talking. No pressure. Easy peasy.

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