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Who We Are

Pleased to meet you! Allow us to do some introductions of Burnalong and our story.


Here’s how it all started

Burnalong started on a wintery Saturday evening in Maryland when the company’s co-founders, Daniel and Mike, met and bonded over shared experiences with loved ones – their grandmothers – who were struggling with cancer and weight challenges. Their grandmothers simply weren’t focusing on the health and wellbeing programming they needed to do.

Traditional fitness videos of 22-year-olds with 6-pack abs weren’t inspiring, nor was one-directional instruction (they’d just stay in bed).

What did motivate their grandmothers was relatable, inclusive wellbeing programming and the social support of loved ones cheering them on. That led to conversations with doctors, insurers, HR, and wellness professionals, and an understanding that this was a broader societal crisis.

Chronic conditions can’t be ignored

  • Top 5 most common chronic conditions in US:
    • Mental illness
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular conditions
    • Cancer
  • Chronic conditions alone cost $4.1 trillion in healthcare costs each year
  • 68% of adults with mental health conditions also have one or more chronic conditions
  • People with depression have 40% higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic concerns
img-chronic conditions cannot be ignored

Burnalong reaches at-risk populations with chronic conditions

A common critique is that traditional wellbeing programs do not reach at-risk populations. The people who need it most.

We are different. We reach at-risk populations who have chronic conditions, self-described as beginners, and need tailored support to reach their full potential.

In a recent independent cohort study, we found members were:

  • Older
    • The majority of people using Burnalong were 50-59
  • More at risk
    • Those using Burnalong were shown to be more at-risk of health issues
  • Had chronic conditions
    • 65% of those using the platform had chronic conditions

The Burnalong difference

If you want to help people in their health journey, you must provide:

Programming they find relatable and inspiring

Social support to keep everyone active and engaged

Support for everyone

People using our digital health solutions range quite a bit. We help new mothers, athletes, seniors, people with chronic conditions, stressed out employees, or folks who need adaptive workouts.

image of Wellness for everyone

End-to-end digital health solution

From marketing, a scalable digital platform, immersive content, inclusive challenges, and proprietary data and analytics. We support you to reach your business and people goals.

Targeted programs and classes

We support plan and organizational goals with curated programming, even including using classes from your medical experts.

image of Unparalleled choice

Meet our team

At Burnalong, we each have our own “why” for what motivates us to do this work. Our mission is to help your population achieve their goals while on their health journeys.

Mike Kott

Co-CEO of Burnalong


Mike began his career at Black & Decker where he delivered to market some of the company’s most successful products. Mike then moved to Bill Me Later, a financial services startup that was ultimately acquired for ~$1billion by PayPal. He was handpicked to lead the initial integration into PayPal and eBay, and then climbed the ranks to Head of North America Product for Credit. Mike is a recipient of PayPal’s President Award for having a material impact on the business and has an MBA.

Daniel Freedman

Co-CEO of Burnalong


Daniel is a former columnist for Forbes and began his career at the Wall Street Journal. He is the co-author of the award-winning, NYT top-10 bestseller, “The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda. “Daniel previously held senior roles at the United Nations and intelligence consultancy TSG. Daniel has been the keynote speaker for audiences around the world, from Yale Law School to Paris’s Sciences Po to London’s Tate Modern Art Gallery. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

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