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A Wellbeing Platform as Diverse as Your Employee Population

Unlimited online and in-person wellbeing options for your growing organization.

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Endless Holistic Wellness

Endless Holistic Wellness
No Strings Attached Gym Network

No Strings Attached Gym Network

No Strings Attached Gym Network

We provide everything you need to support your employee's health and wellbeing journey.


No Integration or Setup

No Integration or Setup

hassle free

Hassle Free

Purchase Burnalong online via our secure payment portal.

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Instant Access

Upload eligibility file, send custom registration link to employees and they are on their way unlimited online classes via the web or by downloading our app.

No Integration or Setup

Effortless Engagement



Employees join a live launch party hosted by our wellness experts to learn how to create their account and use the platform.

ongoing communication

Ongoing Communication

Employees receive ongoing communications and motivating messages from top instructors.

Effortless Engagement
Your Extended Team Awaits

Your Extended Team Awaits

customer support

Customer Support

Your team has access to our customer support team for any platform questions.

client portal

Client Portal

Access our client portal 24/7 to view reporting and employee enrollment and engagement numbers.

Your Extended Team Awaits


*Pricing starts at cost displayed. Create an account and enter your employee size for custom pricing.
 May purchase online for up to 5,000 employees. Option to select annual or quarterly billing only.

Let's connect.
Learn how we partner with companies just like yours to enhance your team's wellness initiatives.

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We have earned the trust of employers, governments, school systems, and medical practitioners.

Kaitlin DiStasio

Burnalong Client
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“Burnalong has been a game-changer.  In the past three years, employee participation has skyrocketed to over 30%, making it our most successful program to date. Overall, Burnalong has been a fantastic partner in fostering a culture of well-being within our company. We highly recommend them to any organization seeking to empower their employees to prioritize their health and happiness.

Colin McDonald

Burnalong Client
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“Partnering with Burnalong Wellness has been transformative for our organization. Their holistic approach to employee well-being aligns perfectly with our values at Cross Country. Through their platform, our team has access to a diverse range of fitness classes, mental health resources, and expert guidance, fostering a culture of health and vitality. 

Annie Cole

Burnalong Client
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“The path to health and wellness is a journey that means different things to different people. We are pleased to be able to share Burnalong with our workforce because it offers a variety of different types of resources that can, hopefully, meet people wherever they are and help them take an incremental next step.” 

Kelly Mase

Burnalong Partner
“Burnalong is awesome! It gives me the opportunity to share my passion, [and] connect with and help others across the entire country, not just in my area! I enjoy interacting with my clients after they complete a workout with me and hearing about which workouts they love and love to hate! Burnalong is easy to use and is a blessing in my life!”

Monte Sanders

Burnalong Partner
“My clients’ schedules vary so much, there’s no way that I could maximize my impact on them by in-person classes alone. Burnalong provided a solution to my problem, but more importantly, it is essential to have at this moment in history. As I look toward the future (post-pandemic and the next pandemic), it’s vital that Burnalong is a part of that future for my business.”

Shay Hill

Burnalong Partner
“My overall experience with Burnalong these past two years has been great! Blessed to work with a company that promotes Instructors from all over the US… Burnalong is a blessing, especially when students can’t make it to our class, [because] they can do our workouts from home which is fantastic! Truly honored to be a part of the Burnalong family!”

Self Service Corporate Wellness FAQs

To get started, click the “Sign Up” button. You’ll be prompted to fill out your contact information, create a password, and input the number of your employees to see the price package that best fits your organization. The pricing you see is all inclusive for both the virtual Burnalong platform as well as the option for employees to upgrade to the Burnalong+ gym network. You will also have the choice between a quarterly plan or an annual subscription.   

Pricing is available for up to 5,000 employees with the option to select annual or quarterly billing. All price packages include the option for your employees to upgrade their account to include our corporate gym membership for $29/mo.

Yes, you can fully purchase Burnalong for your growing business easily and securely online.  

If you want to reach out to the Burnalong team about wellness program apps, training programs, or an overall discussion about the value that we can bring to you, there are multiple options available. You may use the chat popup window or email us at [email protected]. 

There’s a reason why we use the term “corporate wellness training programs.” Physical health is incredibly important, but it’s often thought of as the only essential element of wellness. Therefore, there tends to be a lack of focus on mental health, which leaves a large part of a person’s well-being unsupported. We believe that no one achieves wellness unless all facets of health are accounted for. Burnalong encompasses holistic health – physical, emotional, mental, financial, chronic condition management, and more. 

Absolutely! Fill out the Learn More form on this page to receive an on-demand demo of our platform, onboarding material that makes your life simple, as well as more details of our offer. 

Our classes and programs are as diverse as your employee population. We have classes for those with Parkinson’s Disease, yoga with your pet, chronic conditions, mindfulness, alongside other adaptive programs. As a corporate holistic wellness program, we are committed to meeting every employee wherever they are on their wellness journey. 

See what clients have to say about the Burnalong experience, check it out on our testimonials page. 

With Burnalong, you have a dedicated Customer Care team available to provide personalized assistance to your population. Whether it’s a technical question, a query about their account, or guidance on using specific features, our team provides timely and helpful responses. 

Yes. The Burnalong app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. We also have a web-based version of our platform. 

Yes. Once your employees create a digital account, they can upgrade to our corporate gym membership network for $29/month. Our network includes 10,000+ local gyms with no sign-up fees, ability to cancel anytime, and access any gym within the network nationwide as many times they wish. 

Once you sign up with Burnalong, your organization will have a custom registration link that will provide your employees access to create a complimentary account. 

Co-branding isn’t available however, access to a wide range of pre-made, ready to download marketing materials are available on our Burnalong Marketing Portal.  

Sign up today, launch tomorrow. It’s that simple. Upload eligible employees to your client portal. Once you upload your eligibility file (employee list) our team gets to work by sending a series of enrollment emails to your employees. Just as simple as clicking subscribe and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Our support team will assist you and your employees with onboarding and platform assistance 

YesWith Burnalong, you will have access to various participation metrics, providing valuable insights into your employee population. By analyzing participation trends, popular class categories, and engagement metrics, you can tailor your wellness strategies to align with employees’ preferences and drive meaningful engagement.