Digital health and wellbeing programming that engages everybody

Partnering with employers, health plans, health systems, schools, plus medical and wellbeing professionals to solve the last mile challenge and help every person thrive and reach their potential.

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Congratulations to our client, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS),
winner of America's Healthiest Company 2021!

"Our agency's mission is to take care of America's healthcare, therefore, we too must be well."
Michele Saggese, Management Analyst at CMS

Improve Your Population's Health

Improve health and wellbeing for your population

We meet each person, wherever they are in their journey to better health, with diverse and inclusive programming tailored to fit each unique goal, need, and ability.

With live and on-demand classes taught by thousands of local instructors online in 60 wellness categories—including fitness, nutrition, senior health, adaptive fitness, chronic condition management, financial wellness, mental health, and sleep—each individual will receive the programming, support, and motivation they need to thrive.

Improve wellness

Ready for 5x the engagement of
traditional wellbeing programs?

Our software creates health and wellbeing programming people are actually motivated to use with 20,000+ live and on-demand classes across 60 categories taught by 5,000+ local instructors. Here is how we do it:

Inspire action with a diversity of content

Every person can find what they need to progress in their journey to better health with the most diverse range of online classes, wellbeing categories, and certified instructors available.

Offer personalized support and social motivation

Create personalized experiences with AI-driven recommendations. Plus, nurture connections with four family accounts, inclusive challenges, and supportive communities for wellness goals.

Provide holistic support through specialty content

With our groundbreaking partnerships with hospitals and specialists, Burnalong members and their families can receive chronic condition support, mental health resources, and at-home care on Burnalong's platform.

Diverse and inclusive wellbeing categories
support diverse populations

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Meet everyone where they are

With Burnalong, give your population — and their families — the diverse and inclusive wellbeing programming they will be motivated to actually use.