On-demand classes and custom marketing materials lead to surge in employee engagement

How LSU Health Shreveport reached 32% employee engagement and 4,000+ completed minutes after launch
“Burnalong has provided a way for our students and staff to have access to a myriad of wellness classes that fit everyone’s busy schedules. “

Dr. Marie Vazquez Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Wellness

Learn how on-demand wellness offerings impacted overall engagement

LSU Health Shreveport is an academic medical center that focuses on educating and training health care professionals, providing graduate medical education as well as a robust research enterprise.

While the students, residents, and fellows are being trained by faculty and staff to help patients with their health and wellness, they have little time to devote to their personal health. This has led to limited physical activity which can impact energy, mental resilience, and overall wellbeing. LSU Health required a solution that would allow for flexible, on-demand health and wellness classes.

Discover how Burnalong’s on-demand wellness classes, plus custom marketing materials, drove enrollment, engagement, and improve overall wellbeing of LSU Health’s students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff.

Find out how, together, we reached:

32% engagement with students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff

4,400+ minutes completed within first few months

100 family accounts added by LSU Health members for social motivation

700+ live and on-demand classes completed by Burnalong members

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About Burnalong

We meet each person, wherever they are in their wellness journey, with diverse and inclusive programming tailored to fit each unique goal, need, and ability.

With live and on-demand classes taught by thousands of local instructors in 60+ wellness categories—including fitness, nutrition, senior health, adaptive fitness, chronic condition management, financial wellness, mental health, and sleep—each employee will receive the programming, support, and motivation they need to thrive.

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