These connected health and fitness companies are ready to be ‘sales machines’

“As with many pitch nights, there were winners. Fitness platform BurnAlong and health data platform b.well each picked up $25,000.”


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CEO Spotlight: Daniel Freedman of BurnAlong

BurnAlong co-founder and co-CEO, Daniel Freedman, was featured in the CEO Spotlight of Club Solutions Magazine. Daniel shared how he got involved in the fitness and wellness industry and notable trends and technologies gym and studio owners should look out for.


When asked why health clubs should explore offering their classes online, Daniel said:


“Because your members and prospective members are already exercising online — just not with you. That leads to attrition. So instead of letting others build relationships with your members online, you can strengthen the relationships you already have with them, build new relationships with prospective members, and earn revenue in the process.”


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Len Markidan Interviews Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder of BurnAlong – Part 1

Len Markidan sat down with BurnAlong co-founder, Daniel Freedman, to discuss how accountability and online workouts help people and their families stick to their New Year’s fitness and health resolutions.


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17 Best Workout Apps

“All the workout videos in this app require minimal or no equipment, so you can follow along wherever you are. There is a large variety of classes to try, from Pilates and yoga to boxing and HIIT, as well as six-week training programmes if you’re after something more involved than a one-off session.”


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Fittest Business Challenge

BurnAlong Co-founder, Daniel Freedman, joined Patrice Sanders on Fox 45 News in the Morning to launch The Fittest Company in Baltimore Challenge. Organizations across the Baltimore-area are competing to see who can exercise the most during a four-week period.


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New health and fitness accelerator names first five members

“BurnAlong has been selected to be in the inaugural M-1 Venture accelerator, led by veteran entrepreneurs and investors Paul Singh, co-founder of investment firm 500 Startups, and Tony D’Agostino, a former Bank of America executive. The accelerator is backed by Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Plank Industries — the investment arm of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, the University of Maryland, Brown Advisory and the Abell Foundation.”


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BurnAlong is looking to spur some ‘healthy rivalry’ between Baltimore companies

“We already have companies using BurnAlong to do internal competitions,” Freedman said. Now, the Owings Mills–based startup is looking to spur a “healthy rivalry” between companies.

From Sept. 8-Oct. 6, BurnAlong is running the Fittest Company in Baltimore Challenge. It’s all about the time you put in, as the participating companies are competing to have the highest average of workout time across employees. The hours are logged on BurnAlong’s platform, which has classes in a variety of categories. For the winner, there may be a trophy involved.

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Bricks, Mortar — and Experiences

Daniel Freedman, co-founder of BurnAlong, sheds light on why brick-and-mortar is not dead and how top e-commerce retailers are putting more and more value on in-person experiences. In the WSJ article, Mr. Freedman writes:


“Some of the most successful e-commerce companies have been beefing up their offline presences: Warby Parker (eyewear), Bonobos (clothes), Casper (mattresses), and Peloton (fitness). Retail’s supposed killers are betting quite a bit on brick-and-mortar stores.


These won’t be your grandfather’s general store, though. Brands like Amazon and Apple see the future of retail as less of a traditional transactional interaction and more of an experience. It’s curated, much like museum exhibits. Customers are going there to learn and interact with others.”


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Trending in Tech

Mark Rucker, Active Wellness’ vice president of technology discusses the top trends in fitness technology.


“According to Rucker, the virtual fitness space — including software such as BurnAlong — will continue to be a key disruptor for health clubs, as tech companies and apps get better and better and engaging audiences digitally.”


“Although this may be disruptive to brick-and-mortar health clubs, Rucker believes gym operators can use this technology to their advantage, as it provides a great opportunity for clubs to engage members outside their four walls. ‘If health clubs embrace [virtual fitness] I think it could have a huge, huge upside,” continued Rucker. “Put 10 of your master instructors in a platform that allows you to scale virtually, that could be a massive offering to folks that are traveling or limited in their ability and/or desire to come to your physical location.”


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Sirius XM News & Issues: BurnAlong on Motivating Yourself to Workout

BurnAlong Co-founder, Daniel Freedman, joined The Karen Hunter Show to share how BurnAlong community members and partners are motivating each other to workout online using BurnAlong.


Silicon Valley – Do you really need to live there to make millions in tech?

BurnAlong’s Daniel Freedman writes: “Often lost when looking at the success of companies like Facebook, Uber, and AirBnB – and the millions of dollars made by those early investors – is how many people scoffed at the ideas at the time. Seriously, you think people are going to put their personal pictures and information online? Going to get into a stranger’s car? Stay on a stranger’s couch?”


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NY1: How to Up Your Fitness Game with Technology


KTLA5: Father’s Day Fitness Gifts


The Baltimore Sun

“Chrissa Carlson of Hampden said BurnAlong has helped her get back on track with working out after having a baby last year.


“When it’s 7:30 in the evening or after the baby goes to bed, it’s a hard time for me to get out of the door,” Carlson, 38, said.


But after receiving a friend’s invitation to join BurnAlong last fall, Carlson found workouts that fit into her and her friends’ schedules, which helped with accountability.


“It’s kind of funny. When I take a break, I look to see if my friends are taking a break or not,” she said.”


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The Washington Post

Business Rx: An online exercise service asks whether it is time to flex its muscles outside the U.S.


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CBS Video: 5 Easy Tips for Being a Successful Weekend Workout Warrior

BS2’s Andrea Grymes reported on a fascinating newly-released study that claims weekend workouts lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer about as much as exercising three times a week or more.


Celebrity fitness instructor Nicole Glor joined Andrea to give viewers advice on how to become a successful weekend warrior.


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A new feature provides a way to keep track of the data behind that time spent working out with a group.

The platform can now integrate with fitness wearables. By connecting the wearables with BurnAlong’s dashboard, users can track their own data and compare it with others.

Along with looking at performance during a workout, it adds a way to track calories, steps and more.

“Anything we can do to help people achieve their goals makes a massive difference,” Freedman said.


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ABC News

“Burn Along” is a new cutting edge fitness technology trend that is changing the way people get in shape. Now you’ll never miss a workout, thanks to these newly launched online workouts with a twist!” – ABC


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Fox 45 News

“This is going to revolutionize how people workout,” is how Fox45 host Patrice Sanders introduced BurnAlong to television viewers. “We haven’t seen anything like it.”

NBC News

In this clip watch Mike Kott, co-founder of BurnAlong, joined celebrity trainer Monte Sanders on WBAL on December 10, 2016 to talk about how BurnAlong, is helping people stay connected to their local instructors and friends

“BurnAlong seeks to introduce familiar faces to the process to keep the interaction and motivation that are the benefits of in-person classes.”


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Baltimore Business Journal

“We all know that fitness is important, but not everyone has time to make it the gym. And maybe you workout at home, watching online fitness videos to try and get in shape, but it is hard to stay motivated when you are doing it alone.”


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Business Insider

“BurnAlong works by having a local fitness instructor either record a class or host one live on the site. Then, you log in with your friends to watch it at the same time. You can see up to five people, instructor included, on the screen or you can just take classes by yourself. All of the videos are designed to be done with minimal workout equipment at home — a barre class, for example, can teach you how to use a chair instead.”


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Baltimore Business Journal

On this week’s episode of the BaltBizCast, Freedman talked about what he’s seeing in the Baltimore venture capital landscape, but why he has hope that Baltimore will continue to thrive as a hub for technology startups.


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