Estes Launches Online Wellbeing Program for Employees and Families

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Estes Express Lines, North America’s largest, privately held freight carrier, now offers a leading digital-first fitness, health, and wellbeing platform Burnalong® that provides employees and family members with access to live and on-demand health classes and information across 60 categories, ranging from exercise to mental health and chronic health conditions.

Burnalong’s online platform gives employees the opportunity to schedule group classes together and offers company-wide challenges that encourage tracking of wellness habits (drinking water, going outside, eating vegetables, etc.) and class participation.

“We want to be a leader in our industry when it comes to employee wellbeing, and this is another way for us to show that helping our employees thrive is a top priority for Estes,” said Sara Graf, Vice President, Sustainability, Culture, and Communications. “Burnalong is available to every full-time employee at Estes, and up to four family members, which ensures everyone can benefit from this well-being opportunity. We already offer a very robust wellness program through our HR benefits, and this new offering provides our employees with another way to focus on taking care of themselves and their families.”

In early May 2023, Burnalong was distributed to Estes employees in staggered phases. As of June 6, 935 employees have activated their free accounts, and by the end of 2023, Estes hopes to have over 3,600 employees as active users.

“In addition to promoting a healthy workforce, there is a connection between safety and wellbeing. Data shows that accidents are less likely to occur when employees are physically healthy, well-rested, and hydrated,” Graf said. “It’s important for our employees who work non-traditional schedules to have options available to further their wellness journeys, and on-the-go programs like Burnalong allow them to take care of themselves on their schedule.”

Burnalong has enjoyed partnering with Estes to provide its employees with diverse well-being solutions.

“We take great pleasure in collaborating with Estes to deliver a comprehensive well-being program tailored to the diverse needs of their committed workforce,” said Daniel Freedman, President, of Commercial Health and Fitness, Tivity Health, and co-founder of Burnalong. “At Burnalong, our fundamental principle is to extend wellness solutions to all individuals, and we are thrilled to partner with Estes, a renowned freight company in the country, to make this vision a reality.”

Estes will continue promoting the program through its Estes4Me app and by incorporating reminders on digital displays in all terminals. In the coming months to boost adoption, the company will offer an individual challenge to track hydration and encourage employees to enroll in group courses as a team.

See original press release here: https://www.ajot.com/news/estes-launches-online-wellbeing-program-for-employees-and-families

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