Announcing Our Partnership with Zen Caregiving: Cultivating Compassionate Caregivers 


We’re thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Burnalong® and our newest content provider, Zen Caregiving Project, uniting our shared vision of nurturing caregivers and those they care for through mindfulness, compassion, and community. 

At Zen Caregiving Project, caregiving isn’t just a duty; it’s a deeply human experience deserving of mindful attention and compassionate care. Their mission resonates with us as we recognize the importance of supporting caregivers not only in their roles but also in their own self-care journey. 

“We see caregiving as a meaningful and deeply human activity, and we practice being with things as they are, without judgement,” shares Zen Caregiving Project. “Through our courses and sessions, we welcome all persons to heal through deep connection and community based on shared humanity.” 

Their philosophy aligns perfectly with Burnalong’s commitment to holistic wellness. Through our platform, caregivers can access a wealth of resources, including mindfulness and meditation courses, designed to support their well-being while they care for others. 

“At Zen Caregiving Project, we believe at some point everyone will be a caregiver, and the ability to take care of the self while caring for others is critical in being able to offer your support to others,” they explain. “Our mindfulness and meditation courses at Burnalong allow you to do just that.” 

Through this relationship, Burnalong users gain access to Zen Caregiving Project’s transformative courses, empowering them to cultivate resilience, compassion, and self-awareness amidst the challenges of caregiving. 

Join us in celebrating this partnership as we continue to foster a culture of mindfulness, compassion, and support within our community. Together, we can empower caregivers to thrive as they care for others with grace and compassion. 

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