Meet Burnalong’s Certified Nutritionist, Darlene!

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She hosts the Better Than Fine podcast on the NASM Podcasting Network and is certified with NASM in Wellness Coaching and Personal Training. Darlene also has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and additional certifications in Nutrition Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, and 200hr YTT in Alignment Yoga in addition to training in sleep coaching, meditation, and mindfulness.

“For me, wellness is about integration. It’s about learning skills, tools, and important things about yourself, then taking the time to weave that information into your life in sustainable ways.” – Darlene

Stress Reduction Practice

In just 3 minutes, Darlene will help you to reduce your stress anywhere, anytime. We’ll use a simple visualization coupled with a breathing exercise to reduce tension in your body and melt stress away


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3 Elements of Self Compassion

Many people struggle to be kind to themselves, even when they can be kind to others. There are 3 elements for successfully growing self compassion. Let Darlene help you to increase your self compassion today


The Science of Happiness
7 Classes

Can you learn to be happier? Healthier? More confident in your strengths? The science of Positive Psychology says that you can! In this 7 part program, Darlene shares the science of human well-being, and how you can apply that science in your day-to-day life.

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What is Burnout?

Burnout seems to be everywhere, but what is it? Burnout can affect us personally as well as our teams’ productivity, happiness, and workplace turnover. Darlene explains the impact of burnout based on current evidence, and shares how you might recognize burnout in yourself and others.


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Fun Facts about Darlene

Q) Are you a night owl or early bird?
A) A lark. 🐦

Q) Salty or sweet?
A) Why not both? 🥨🍫

Q) Who inspires you?
A) I volunteer with the Travis Manion Foundation’s Spartan Leadership Program. They provide opportunities for Veterans and Gold Star Family members to serve their communities and find a new sense of purpose. The individuals selected for SLP are some of the most open-hearted, dedicated, humble, passion-driven people you would ever meet in your life. To say they inspire me is inadequate for what they give to me and the world at large. ✨

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