Boost employee health with our holistic corporate wellness program

We connect with people traditionally unengaged and those who are already active with diverse content, inclusive challenges, social motivation, and immersive events.

Enterprise Employers

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Cities & Municipalities

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Higher Education

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How Burnalong works for employers

We keep it simple and do all the heavy lifting for you. Our best practice approach to corporate wellness includes:



We partner with your team to ensure we have everything in place to support your goals.



We seamlessly roll out our digital health and well-being solution and provide tailored ongoing support.


We continuously monitor measures of success, explore insights, and implement new experiences.

Forget Hollywood trainers, we’re a little different


Medical professionals utilize Burnalong to share crucial information for preventing and managing chronic conditions.


70+ wellbeing categories meet the diverse needs of your diverse workforce.


AI-powered recommendations to empower health journeys and beneficial habits.


All abilities and levels of wellness can engage and participate.


Live and on-demand classes, hundreds of programs, to take with colleagues and family.


Built-in wellness challenges, communities, and group experiences for everyone.

Bring diverse, inclusive, and local programming to your teams

All bodies, abilities, fitness levels, stages of life, and wellness goals will find motivation and support.

Corporate Wellness

Employee wellness never felt so good

We help you drive impact and unlock the human potential of your employees.
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Engage every employee

Wellness classes for everyone

Thousands of classes, hundreds of programs taught by thousands of certified instructors across 70+ wellbeing categories means every employee will find something to connect with.

Tackle diverse health concerns across chronic conditions and at-risk populations including prenatal, cardiovascular health, diabetes, behavioral health, and more.

Built-in social motivation

Build a culture of wellness

Every employee can take live and on-demand classes, plus join challenges and communities, with colleagues, friends, and family.

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Digital health & wellness reporting

Track growth and progress

We have a rigorous approach to measuring the impact of corporate wellness initiatives from:

You’re in good company

Cities & Municipalities

The digital health solution for diverse workforces

We provide custom solutions to work for every branch of government.

Programming and Challenges

Create unity across your distributed workforce

Create a culture of wellness with challenges between departments or locations, team goals, and consistent motivation.

Easy solution implementation

We are a sole source solution

Simplify procurement and contract with us via single source arrangements. We’ll even be able to get your teams connected on the platform and with our instructors in hours.

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Social motivation

Keep your employees connected

No matter what department or location they work from, your teams can join in on the wellness fun with group classes, challenges, and communities.

See how we helped the city of Pittsburgh

Discover the value Pittsburgh receives from working with Burnalong wellness solutions.

Higher Education

Online wellness programs for colleges and universities

We complement on-campus programming and bring digital health and wellness directly to your students, family, staff, and their families.
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Connecting Communities

Bring social connection to your (digital) campus

Students and faculty can be inspired by others in their college’s online community with goals, challenges, and custom programs. They can even take classes live with classmates on or off campus.

Instructors included

Bring campus instructors, trainers, and professionals online

Campus rec instructors and trainers can bring their wellness and fitness activities online to reach your colleague students and faculty virtually.

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Tailored guidance

Customized experiences for individual student needs

Your campus will receive AI-powered recommendations to boost positive behaviors and pursue their individual goals.

Ready to provide a no-hassle corporate wellness program to your teams?

Our digital health solutions reach 5x engagement of traditional wellness models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employers who incorporate wellness programs into their employee benefits see higher productivity, lower voluntary attrition, increased engagement and added profitability, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Employers need well-designed wellbeing initiatives and strategies to help their employees maintain, improve, and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Yes, it is! Our corporate wellness program is suitable for all types of employees, including enterprise, government agencies, health plans, and higher education.

Furthermore, our corporate wellness programs are inclusive, encouraging people of all ages and fitness levels to find the motivation and support they need through their health journey.

At Burnalong, we have thousands of classes available in more than 70 wellbeing categories, allowing every employee to find the support they need to carry them through their health and wellness journey.

An employee wellness program can help you unlock your workforce’s’ potential.

Burnalong can help develop effective strategies to motivate and build strong relationships with your employees, increasing productivity and profitability, reducing occupational accidents, improving employee retention, boosting employee morale, and more.

If you choose Burnalong, your employees will enjoy comprehensive classes taught by 10,000+ diverse and inclusive certified instructors with extensive experience.

In addition, we have a rigorous approach to measuring our program’s impact on employees’ health and businesses’ objectives.

We have a meticulous approach to measuring and determining how our corporate wellness initiatives have impacted businesses and their employees.

Some of the things we consider include the following:

  • Enrollment and engagement metrics
  • Business outcomes, including retention and performance goals
  • People outcomes, such as improved employee population health and reduction in sick days

Yes! We’re happy to announce Burnalong+, an all-new offering through the Burnalong platform, enhancing the digital content with in-person options at participating fitness locations across the country. 

Employees can log into their existing Burnalong account to see if they are eligible to subscribe to Burnalong+.

Yes! Burnalong has a variety of classes that cover a wide range of health challenges. We offer support for chronic conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Our wellness initiatives also include prenatal and postnatal, aging, brain health, and more.

We understand that employers need to develop an effective strategy to benefit their workplace health. 

Burnalong prioritizes providing high-quality, diverse, and comprehensive classes to meet employers’ needs, and accompany both companies and their employees through their wellness journey.

We have strived to become an industry leader, working only with expert coaches to help employers and employees achieve their health and wellness goals.

Yes! We offer individual classes for those who prefer to work privately with a corporate wellness coach and group sessions for those looking to connect with colleagues, friends, or family members.

In addition, employees who need extra motivation can find support in our online communities.

Yes! Employees receive class and program recommendations to enhance their individual wellness journeys.

Of course! Our wellness coaches bring their knowledge, experience, and fitness programs online to reach and motivate your colleagues, students, or faculty through our virtual platform.

We offer 50,000+ live and on-demand classes in over 70 categories, including financial wellness, senior health, prenatal care, kids’ nutrition, yoga, and more.

In addition, our all-new platform, Burnalong+ offers access to more than 10,000 fitness locations across the country. 

Each class has been designed by an expert corporate wellness coach who strives to help employees achieve their health and wellness goals.