The Challenge

Montgomery County, Maryland has more than a million residents living just north of the nation’s capital. The county is one of the most well-known in the US.

And with 10,000 employees spanning more than 300 locations, the local government is also one of the country’s most respected.

So when the time came to evaluate wellness platforms Montgomery County faced challenges similar to those of any large employer. And their requirements were clear.

  • Engage a large, diverse group of people
  • Limit the effort of the HR team and staff
  • Reach people spread out across hundreds of locations
  • Create lasting change

The Solution

BurnAlong was created for situations just like Montgomery County.

Our online wellness platform is scalable, accessible, diverse, and affordable. And it’s why so many employers, like Montgomery County, are loving it. See how it works.

The Results

They’re experiencing engagement at 5x the industry average for benchmark clients and have uploaded their own videos to the platform. But it’s easiest to understand the success if you hear it their own words.




Time to Launch
3 hours

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