Digital health and wellbeing solutions for your health plan members

Support improved population health with targeted programming to engage members who are already active, just beginning, or requiring adaptive support.

Health plan members

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Aging adults & Medicare

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Deliver health and wellbeing programming for all members within your book of business

Burnalong’s diverse solutions include a variety of well-being classes and built-in social motivation for all lines of business. Discover value, choice, differentiation, and the highest levels of engagement with Burnalong’s health and well-being plans.

Improve population health with strategic health enhancement programs

With Burnalong, guide members through research based curriculum sourced from the CDC, Stanford Health, Mayo Clinic, YMCA, and more to self-manage conditions. Our unique approach includes: 

Our health enhancement programs support your members

Pre- & post-partum health

From nutrition, fitness, parenting tips and more, new parents have support.

Behavioral health

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression with research-based tips.


Education on monitoring, emotional triggers, foods, and physical activities.

Chronic pain management

Manage with tips from RDs, mental health professionals, and chronic pain experts.


Nutrition, fitness, and diabetes education experts guide members though self-management.

Fall prevention

Build and strengthen balance for all ages with exercises, mindfulness, and education.

Learn more about health enhancement programs

Health plan members

Support physical, mental, financial, and behavioral health

Inclusive tools, diverse content, and local instructors lead to high member engagement, improved satisfaction, and progress in individual health journeys with Burnalong.

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Specialty and emotional content

39% of Burnalong users take classes in specialty and emotional support categories. With hundreds of curated programs supporting 70+ categories, health plan members can receive expert support in stress management, mental health, chronic condition support, nutrition, pre- and post-natal, pain management, and so much more.

High member engagement and satisfaction

62% of Burnalong users self-identify as beginners and the 68% initially state that when they join as a member they are “struggling” in their health journey. We support every health plan member with class and program recommendations, supportive online communities to provide social motivation, built-in health challenges, live events, and turn-key engagement materials.


Easy program integration and tracking

We can integrate with your current programs and care management. We can even host your content and messaging for targeted audiences. Through our single, holistic platform we offer population health or tracking by line of business/employers with health metrics and usage data.

How is Burnalong different?


Your members are diverse; our programming mirrors that diversity with more than 50,000 live and on-demand classes (with new classes added daily) taught by a growing network of 10,000+ credentialed instructors across 70+ wellness categories.

Social support

Members can invite up to four family members or friends to create accounts and attend classes together. Plus, our online communities provide social motivation and interaction to keep your members engaged.

Exceptional choice

Burnalong has 5x the industry average engagement because we consistently update our robust library of classes. We provide traditional programming plus classes to support new moms to seniors, chronic conditions to adaptive workouts, stress management to nutrition to financial literacy.


Configurability by line of business or employer group with programming tailored to each population. We can even host your content and programming.


We support our health plan partners with a turnkey implementation, easy setup, and ongoing strategic support. Our team collaborates with plan partners using our best practices playbook with engagement collateral and strategies.

Customer success

Our plan partners are supported with population health reporting that can include detail by the line of business or employer group. Discover insights and develop action plans with our team.

Aging adults & Medicare

Senior-specific well-being programming with built-in social support

Burnalong partners with Medicare plans, centers, hospitals, and wellness professionals to offer specialized programming for aging adults. We help them stay active, discover new interests, increase muscle strength and range of movement, and improve daily living. Plus, we give seniors live social support and motivation from friends, family, and others with similar goals or interests.
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Programming for the age-in and traditional Medicare member

Choose from more than 50,000 classes, spanning 70+ categories, taught by thousands of instructors. Classes range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes and are available live and on-demand.

Your members can choose classes from cardio to yoga to Tai Chi to sleep to emotional wellness to adaptive workouts to diabetes to Parkinson’s disease to arthritis. There’s something for everyone!

24-Hour access

Member access is available on any device, anytime

Taking classes online has never been easier – with personalized recommendations and customizable schedules and programs, Burnalong is here to support your members on their journey to better health.

img-Improve member satisfaction

Host your own content with Burnalong

Improve member satisfaction with digital health programming

Burnalong partners with Medicare plans, health systems, and hospitals. Our solution offers seniors the programming and social motivation to achieve their health goals.

Our turnkey implementation and best practices playbook make it easy to launch a program that meets your goals for engagement, better health, and member satisfaction.


"Our agency's mission is to take care of America's healthcare, therefore, we too must be well"

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Burnalong is a comprehensive solution that can enhance companies’ employee mental health initiatives and wellness efforts.

Our diverse solutions incorporate 50,000+ classes, including some focused on mental wellness, in more than 70 categories.

Burnalong’s health and well-being categories include options for stress management, mindfulness, meditation, and more.

Yes! Burnalong is a first-class solution for companies looking for an all-inclusive health enhancement program for employees.

Our health enhancement programs have been designed to support your health plan members in different areas throughout their wellness journey.

They include stress reduction, anxiety management, chronic pain management, pre- and post-partum nutrition, new parent support, and more.

In order to support employees’ behavioral health, our programs offer research-based tips for reducing stress, dealing with depression, and managing anxiety.

More than half of Burnalong users self-identify as beginners and state they struggle in their health journey before using our platform. Therefore, we support health plan members’ efforts to improve their wellness with our AI-powered recommendations and turn-key engagement materials.

Additionally, we understand the importance of relationships and social interactions for personal and professional success. As a result, Burnalong also relies on supportive online communities, engaging health challenges, live events, and in-person opportunities to provide social motivation to all members.

Yes! We can easily integrate with your current mental health and employee wellness programs or care management.

Our holistic platform offers configurability and tracking by a line of business or employer group through comprehensive programming tailored to each population. Plus, you receive health metrics and usage data to enhance your corporate wellness efforts.

Burnalong has been designed to help companies improve population health through a strategic research-based curriculum.

Business owners or employers can guide their health plan members through their wellness and health condition management journey with high-quality content sourced from Stanford Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mayo Clinic, and more.

Yes, we can! Burnalong can create custom mental health programs for employers and health plans that would be accessible to their employees and members.

Each program has one educational lesson each week and several supplementary sessions weekly to support their needs, goals, and lifestyle.

In addition, Burnalong has the ability to provide data to care team members, helping them track progress and develop effective employee health and wellness programs.

Everyone may struggle with mental health issues throughout their wellness journey. Therefore, when employers or companies show genuine commitment to mental health, employees feel protected, valued, supported, and confident.

Prioritizing workplace mental health benefits companies by increasing productivity and creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Moreover, improving employees’ mental health can also reduce absenteeism or turnover and lower costs associated with the use of mental health services.

In addition, it has been shown that promoting mental health awareness in the workplace is essential. Since so much time is spent at work, offering mental health benefits can contribute to employee wellbeing while helping companies meet health and safety guidelines.

Yes, it does! Burnalong offers classes, content, and adaptive workouts to people struggling with mental health conditions. We have something useful and engaging for everyone!

Our programs include classes for sleep wellness, yoga to boost relaxation and reduce stress, adaptive workouts specific to different chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, tips for anxiety management, and more.

Companies must follow different physical and mental health guidelines to protect employees and maintain a healthy work environment. However, that’s challenging without a comprehensive solution.

Fortunately, Burnalong can support your existing corporate health and safety program through diverse content, materials, and classes designed to promote and improve population health at all levels.

Besides offering programs for people with chronic conditions and helping your employees improve their overall health, our classes can also promote fall prevention.

With various exercises, educational content, and mindfulness, Burnalong helps people of all ages build and strengthen their balance. Consequently, it reduces the risks of occupational accidents.

Our comprehensive health solution is ideal for those who want to ensure their employees are healthy and their workplace is safe.

Our team is willing to collaborate with health plan partners to help them develop engagement strategies and motivate their employees to meet their health and wellness goals.

Moreover, as part of our holistic approach, we offer social support. Burnalong users can invite up to four family members or friends and create shared accounts to attend classes together.

Members can also join online communities to gain social motivation and connect with others to stay engaged.

Additionally, Burnalong has 5x the industry average in engagement, as we add more classes daily, with new topics to make employees’ wellness journeys more engaging and enjoyable.

Yes, you can! We offer a variety of classes, adaptive workouts, and educational resources for seniors. Plus, we’ve partnered with Medicare plans, hospitals, and health systems.

Our holistic solution provides seniors with the programming, support, and social motivation they need to achieve their wellness and health goals.

Yes, we understand that your health plan members are diverse. Therefore, our health solution has been designed to support different populations.

Burnalong offers 50,000+ classes taught by more than 10,000 certified instructors in over 70 wellness categories. Every employee and health plan member can find a suitable option!

When it comes to mental health, corporate programs must be comprehensive in order to be effective. Therefore, we offer much more than fitness and health coaching.

Our solutions include unique but interesting categories, such as sports performance, financial wellness, travel, boxing, nutrition, cancer wellness, and more!