Meet America’s
Favorite Trainer

The Burnalong family congratulates America’s Favorite Trainer – mental health professional, Darlene Marshall!

Meet Darlene Marshall - Americas's Favorite Trainer

Darlene Marshall is a leader at the intersection of fitness, mental health, and well-being. She’s one of the world’s only fitness trainers to have a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from UPenn.

“It’s validating for a perspective on fitness that is about wellness and wellbeing and taking care of the whole self,” Darlene said on her win. “That view is foundational to my whole approach to wellness and fitness.”

Meet the Category Winners of America's Favorite Trainer

Adaptive Fitness

Megan McCuen

Her clients love her and Burnalong loves having her. Congratulations to Megan!


Sean Sanders

Sean you create a sense of community for your clients while continually inspiring in us strength and growth!

Dance Cardio

Jess Salman

Jess is an AMAZING instructor! No one, and I mean no one makes me sweat like she does after an hour long class. The amount of energy she brings to her classes is why people come back.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Akai Jackson

Akai has such a big heart and passion for training. He has become family and he is so deserving of this reward. He has impacted many lives in such a positive way and is loved so much!

Medical Wellness

Christine Conti

An ultra-marathoner and All-American diagnosed with arthritis. She's expert at managing conditions and turning your pain into progress.

Mental Health

Darlene Marshall

A personal trainer with an ivy league masters degree in Positive Psychology. Darlene teaches resilience and more.

Financial Wellness

Erin Gore

A high school teacher turned financial advisor prepared to teach you the basics and take you to the next level.


Aimée Ricca

A professional ice skating teacher who focuses on the nutritional aspects of athletic performance.

Strength Training

Monte Sanders

Trainer of NFL Hall of Famers and beloved by his community. Monte makes it happen with passion and purpose to move you.


William Kelley

A PhD with empathy and understanding who has mastered the art of mindful movement.

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