ABC News Good Morning Washington Host Veronica Johnson welcomed Burnalong Co-Founder Daniel Freedman to their Washington studio. As ABC reports:

WASHINGTON — “Burn Along” is a new cutting edge fitness technology trend that is changing the way people get in shape. Now you’ll never miss a workout, thanks to these newly launched online workouts with a twist! Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder, Burnalong shares all the details!

There are lots of reasons people can’t regularly make the gym or studio, whether it’s work, travel, family responsibilities, bad weather, or the inauguration slowing traffic. Whatever the reason you, or friends, can’t make classes, you can still workout live together on Burnalong. As Ms. Johnson says, “no excuses!”
As Daniel told Veronica, he missed his regular morning workout in-person to get to the studio, so while he was waiting in the green room, he took Charlie Bauer from Prana Studio’s “Rise and Shine Yogis” 10 minute class! /class/prana-yoga/rise-and-shine-yogis
Watch the full interview here