People are 65% more likely to achieve their fitness goals if they involve someone else. Your partner, friends, or gym buddy — whoever it is — becomes your motivation and holds you accountable. The relationship you have with your trainer or instructor is also equally as important.

That’s why Burnalong was created.

In an interview with City Biz List, Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Burnalong, chatted with Len Markidan, about how Burnalong helps people (both individually and through employers) stay motivated by connecting them with their favorite instructors and/or friends when they can’t make it to a class in-person.

“What we saw was there was this big gap,” Daniel explains, “where, at home, you’ve got no connection to your friends and your favorite instructors, who are really the people who motivate you and hold you accountable …There’s a huge amount of research behind the power of social motivation, and that’s what Burnalong gets into: camaraderie and accountability.”

Watch the full interview below.

Schedules get hectic around the holidays and it’s hard to find time to workout. Whether you have five minutes or a full hour, you can always find time to exercise online with the friends and instructors who motivate and inspire you. Keep yourself (and your workout buddies!) accountable by scheduling time to exercise together on Burnalong.