It’s always ideal to make it to your favorite instructor’s class in person, but life doesn’t always shake out that way. Whether you’re a busy mom, professional, or student, finding the time and motivation to workout is a lot harder than it looks. When you’re exhausted, tired, and burnt out after a long day, you just want to plop down on the couch.

But, as Kristin McGee says, “When we give that back to ourselves, and we do even 15-minutes of movement, we feel so amazing, and we’re better moms in the long run. With Burnalong, you can grab your mom friends; you can grab your friends from all over the world. You can set appointments. You can make a date, and say, ‘Here we go! Let’s just do this 15-minute yoga flow to energize our bodies together at this time with Kristin.’ And it makes it great because it really keeps you motivated and it keeps you energized, and there’s no excuse not to work out.”

Kristin loves being able to see her students in class but understands competing demands doesn’t always make the one-on-one experience possible. With Burnalong, she’s able to connect with students and offer the same energizing yoga flow and community experience they feel when they make it into the studio. Her students are still able to learn, exercise, and grow, which is all a yoga instructor really wants.

Online workouts benefit both the teacher and the students. As a teacher, you’re able to give your students the workouts they crave, and as a student, you’re able to find time to unwind and exercise, regardless of your hectic schedule.

If you’re a gym, studio, or instructor who’s looking to take the leap and make your classes available online, let us know! We’re always looking to partner with passionate individuals who want to make health and wellness more available and accessible to all.