It’s now 2020, and we’ve had a year to work on all of those resolutions we made 12 months ago. How did that go? We’ve been sleeping more, going to the gym 5 times a week, and only eating locally sourced organic food, right?

Like most people, on January 1st we set a list of three to five goals or resolutions for the new year. We like to believe that with the turning of a calendar page, or a change of year or decade is going to be the motivation we need to make the healthy changes we know we need to make.

But as so often happens, by the time February makes its way around we’re back to less than five hours of sleep, only going to the gym once every 2-3 weeks, and eating at our favorite fast food places.

Maybe we feel like we’ve failed or let ourselves down once we hit this point, and instead of getting back on the resolution bandwagon we settle ourselves in for another 11-12 months before we set new resolutions and do it all over again. It’s been found that fewer than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after 30 days, and ultimately 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.

This year, let’s do something different. Instead of setting five New Year’s Resolutions on January 1 and telling yourself you’ll keep it – ignoring all outside temptations – this year, let’s take a step back.

What are you trying to accomplish with your resolutions? Are you trying to feel better, be happier, or spend more time focused inward and trying to improve your everyday life?

Whatever your goals may be, this is the year to try something new. Set the intention of trying your best. Be forgiving of yourself if you fall, and pick yourself up and dive right back in if you do. Goals and resolutions are kept through persistence, even in the face of temptation or the easy way.

In 2020, don’t make traditional New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, work to set clear goals for yourself and set the intention that no matter if you fall down, you’ll pick yourself up and keep trying. That way, when February weather rolls around you’ll still be there, trying your best every day to accomplish your goals.

Here are a few tips to set goals that are built to last:

5 Tips to Set Goals that Last

1. Be Clear, Define Your Results

Goals often fail before they’ve started because there’s not a tangible result. Make your goals measurable with a clear result by setting up different ‘mile-markers’ for yourself. Break it down into attainable steps along the way. If your goal is to lose weight, how many pounds? If you want to get more sleep, what time do you need to get to bed every night to accomplish that?

2. Timing is Everything

The best goals are set with a specific time frame in mind. This helps avoid the ‘do it later’ mentality that often gets in the way. When you add a date to your goals, you’ll work harder with that date in mind. Setting dates along the way towards your ultimate goal makes it easier to check in and track your progress. Try not to get discouraged if you aren’t making as much progress as you expected to – be supportive and encourage yourself.

3. Bring Your Friends Along

Setting goals for yourself in isolation makes it difficult to stick with it. Bring your friends and family into this process, whether it’s by setting the same goal together or keeping them updated on your progress towards your goals. You’ll help motivate and inspire them with your persistence, and they’ll keep you engaged and accountable through the challenges you might face along the way.

 Group of friends stretching together to show social support

4. Stick With It

Writing down a goal is one thing, sticking with it is another. Habits start to develop after 21 consecutive days, and become ‘sticky’ after 2 months, which makes it important to be persistent. After a few weeks, don’t give up! It’s harder to slip after developing a habit over that time, but it’s still possible. Make the effort to stick with your goals beyond that time, and keep yourself accountable if you start to slip.

5. Reflect and Re-Commit

Along the way to your goal, it’s important to look back and see how far you’ve come. Make sure you celebrate your progress every step of the way. Be proud of the fact that you’ve made a commitment to change your life, and keep working towards your goal.

See it in Action

In an interview with Fox, Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Burnalong offers 3 additional tips to actually stick with your goals in 2020.

As Daniel explains, these are the three keys to set yourself up for success:

Make It Social

  • When you’re alone, you can always just hit the snooze button
  • When you involve your friend or your network, engagement goes way up

Make It Part of Your Habits

  • Commit to a new activity and schedule it into your life
  • Enrolling in a program, exercising at 7:40AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday has a huge impact on engagement

Make It Attainable

  • Set goals you think you can stick with and surround yourself with realistic people
  • *Some of the most engaged people on Burnalong describe themselves as ‘Just Getting Started’ or ‘Struggling’

See Daniel’s Interview

Watch the full video below to learn more about what drives a 78% increase in engagement, and other insights gained from employers and insurers Burnalong works with globally.

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