There is nothing better than seeing hard work and dedication pay off, right? On Monday, we were thrilled to see one of our very first Burnalong members featured on the front page of The Baltimore Sun! The article showcased the incredible weight loss journey of Paulette Goodwin, who has lost more than 30 pounds and 4 ½ inches off her waist. Well done Paulette!

Paulette, like many of us, struggles to find time to fit fitness into her busy schedule. Each week she travels more than 45 minutes to workout with Monte Sanders of MBS Fitness (Read Monte’s Instructor Q&A here), and always wished she could make it to class more often. Monte, a popular Burnalong instructor, introduced Paulette to Burnalong, and now she’s hooked! She now works out with Monte online with Burnalong on the days she doesn’t (or can’t) make it to class.

When it comes to weight loss, accountability and motivation is everything. While there are many online fitness options, only Burnalong offers people real local instructors. On top of that, Burnalong offers a social element that allows users to encourage each other. Here’s how it works: Burnalong members can take their favorite classes online with friends and family in private sessions using live webcam feeds (think Google Hangout or Skype call, but better!).

Paulette works out with fellow MBS Fitness members in Baltimore, as well as her cousin in Atlanta. By scheduling a time to workout with friends, Paulette is extra motivated and even more encouraged to give her workouts her all.

The more we talk to our members about Burnalong, the more we hear about how much they love being able to take their favorite instructor’s classes when they can’t make it in person. That’s music to our ears. We are firm believers that a blended approach to working out – where users can mix gym and studio times with online classes – is the future of fitness. We also believe that friends and family have a huge impact on progress and motivation, which is why we love to hear about people like Paulette, who have used the social fitness classrooms as extra motivation and encouragement.

To hear more about Paulette’s incredible transformation, check out her feature in The Baltimore Sun and watch the interview below!